Wednesday, 30 April 2008

More luxury stuff!

I've decided to be a good girl today that I stood strong and didn't go out shopping! Hurrah! It wasn't easy, believe me... but I did it! (Pat on my shoulders ;))

...However... that didn't stop me from getting my mits on these exciting new things! Is it my birthday? No! Is it Christmas? No! Anniversary? No! What is it then? Just been a good girl, I guess! (Yeah, right!)

I was quite shock with the massive box as I wasn't expecting for anything that big

Alright! It was a small box inside a massive one. Not a rocket science!

Of course... my make-up train case! Fabulous!

Hmmm... What can I do with this spacious box? Think... think... think....

Oh, you cheeky! It's not an enterprise! You'll have to see what I'll do with it in a little moment ;)

I'm a good girl, I am! My Taylor Made Pigment!

My wicked haul!

Gorgeous colours!

I know what you're thinking and yes... I bought the top one because it's got my name on it ;)

My Everyday Mineral E/S brushes... I'm glad they arrived eventually :)

...and that's the whole lot! For today anyway :)

My vanity! Didn't have a clue what to put where so this was the best I came up with so far. I'm bound to reorganize it again. This could've been bigger for more make up. Well, that'll do for now :)


Dyan-ism said...

hiya! how r u? OMG!!! im so lookin for this type of traincase here in La Islas Filipinas!!!! Classy everything you bought!!!!!!! way to go!!!!

Gracie said...

Thank you Dyan! I got it online and it was on offer. It really was a good buy (£39.95? and free delivery). It's a sturdy case and I'm glad I've got it now :)

Nica said...

love your traincase... =)

Askmewhats said...

oohhh love love love your traincase!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one again! hehehe

Shen said...

another drool worthy blog!!! :) man!! i wish i live with you gracie!! :) i love taylor made!! :)

Liz said...

OMG.. you DO love shopping!

i've always wanted a makeup traincase.. but i can't seem to find a nice one yet.

Gracie said...

Thank you Nica! Yep, I love that train case too!

Nikki! Don't be greedy! Mind you the one I've got is just big enough for my existing make up which means I'll need another one for my future purchases ha ha ha!

Shen, you're more than welcome to live with me if you don't mind camping in my living room. Let me know when you're moving in so I can find a bigger place and put the kettle on ha ha ha!

Hiya, Liz! Lovely to see you here again! Yeah, I do love shopping. I could do with unlimited supply of cash :)... I've never thought of getting a traincase until I've realised that I needed something bigger to contain my make up :)

Oh, guys! You've got to teach me how to use mineral make up as I'm rubbish at it at the moment.

Tracy said...

i have that same exact train case, and i love it.

Gracie said...

Yes, Tracy... it's lovely, isn't it? It's like my new baby :)

BeautyTalk said...

my friends bought me a new train case in March for my birthday and I still love reaaranging it!

Gracie said...

I know what you mean sis!