Thursday, 17 April 2008

My Everyday Mineral MMU Samples

I've got my Everyday MMU samples last week and was so thrilled with them. I just love these cute little things and enjoy playing with them. The colours and tixture are great... Ended, THE must have make-up items. I was amazed with how generous the amount they send as samples as well.

concealer, 3 shades of foundation that I mix to get the perfect shade for my skin and a gorgeous blusher. How can you beat that? Didn't cost me anything for all 5 items aside from p+p and the delivery took 9 days.
So playful!
Here was I, being a right little diva with my make-up samples ;)

It gave me that lovely glow as well

My camera must've been playing silly ;)

I've still got to practice that catwalk make up like Lizerate and Jheng's. Thing is... I've been doing my make-up since I was 16 but never been adventurous with loud colours. They make me look really fierce


iamsutil said...

weee, i love your skin gorgeous! i envy your loots! you do shop a lot, dont u!

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! I do... I'm a right shoppaholic! Not a great idea when I haven't got a job he he he. I suppose, I've got more excuse to do it as I get bored staying at home plus my favourits shopping mall is only 5 minutes walk away from where I live ha ha ha!