Saturday, 30 May 2009



I have been inspired by the beautiful English summer that I tried to come up with brighter make up hopefully saying goodbye to gloomy winter... At the moment, I'm going through a rough time and I could do with cheering up hence brighter make up... bring on the colours!

Sorry for the disappointment... when I said bright and colours... I didn't mean those kind of bright ones ;)

Just a simple purple look really :)

Sorry guys... I thought my blogging mojo is back but I miserably failed! Waaaaahhhhh!!!!
Anyway dearies... promise, I'm going to edit or re publish this to include the make up and tools that I've used.
Please bear with me... for now... I have to mend 2 broken hearts
Muah to all of you guys!



Hello guys! Great to see you here again!... and welcome to those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time :)

Anyway, today, I thought I'd share with you my recent Clinique purchase... well, nothing much exciting about my purchases because I must have already posted those products many times in the past year. As some of you have probably worked it out... I'm a sucker for Clinique pressed powder that I do hoard them... of course... everytime there are free gifts on the table hahahahahaha! Well, duh! It's recession! We beauty followers will have to be clever at financial weather like this ;)

Anyway... feel free to browse through my new stuff ;)

My purchases:

Superpowder double matte pressed powder... the best I've ever tried and been using them for about 15 years now.

Repairwear intensive lip treatment... I keep this in my pocket for quick lip refreshment and rehydration specially when I'm working.

My gift and my purchases
Gift included:
Make Up Bag
7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse 50ml
Butter Shine Lipstick 3.4g
Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer 15ml
True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer 1.8g
Colour Surge Eye Shadow Dou 1.2g
Clinique Picnic Mat

For a third purchase (but has to be a skin care), I got this gorgeous picnic mat that can be carried around like a bag. Great for summer picnic in park. Anyone wants to join me?

Up Lighting Liquid Illuminator... this poor thing rolled down the floor unnoticed so it wasn't included on the photo shoots hahahahahaha! Never mind... it has it's own special place although it does look lonely on its own hahahahahaha! It has now been reunited with the rest ;)

Been hauling lately? I don't blame you! Hahahahahaha!



Last month, I got my second £50 (80.92 USD/3,812 PHP) worth voucher from Flannels (my favourite designer shop ;)). I originally planned to use it against a pair of shoes but the pair I wanted didn't materialize so I ended up using it on a pair of earings instead.

The good thing about Flannels is that when you spend £1,000 (1,618 USD/76,812 PHP), you'll get £50 worth voucher. I think it is a good deal, don't you? The earings were originally priced at £120 (194 USD/9,150 PHP)... so at the end... they cost me £70... bargain or what?

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you my new pair of earings... they really are sweet and I love them to bits! I wear them to work hahahahahaha!

Silver with Swarovski crystals

That's all from me for now... catch you again soon guys!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009



Hello you my gorgeous friends!!! Did you miss me? I surely missed you guys!!! What can I say? I'm soooo glad to be back. I've missed blogging so much and I could never be any happier that my internet connection have been sorted. I've been browsing some of your posts and oh my... I've got loads to catch up, I'm telling ya! I thought it was going to take a lot longer to resolve my internet problems but I'm glad it, it has been surprisingly quick... so here I am... back to blogging :)

Anyway, being 'the' come back kid... ;)... I thought I'd throw in a post of one of my latest purchases although I got these ones before my internet connection became a big pain in the...

As some of you probably know, I've been some kind of a La Mer lady since February this year and I'm getting so into them that eventhough the prices a bit steep (specially with the current economic condition), this is probably something I would want to be carry on using. In my economic status, I'd say that it was expensive to get the whole line to start with but now that I only have eto buy the items that I'm running out, it's not so heavy on the budget anymore.

Below are the 2 items that I bought plus a gift :D

The Tonic, The Mist and The Body Refiner (The latest Product)

The Tonic

This is my second bottle and I really love it. It feels so gentle on my face and it is very very refreshing specially after removing my make up. It gives that instant boost of fresh feeling every after wash.

The Mist

Although this is my 3rd bottle, I don't remember posting this. I've had many purchases that I never get the chance to post because I just haven't found time to do it. Hopefully, I'd be more diligent in the future hahahahaha!
I love this facial mist because it has got a very very delicate scent and gives me that great refreshed feelings everytime I spray my face with it. I love this specially when I'm on night shift and wanting to stay up all night... a couple of spray twice during my entire shift does make the difference.
What does The Mist claims?
'The highly charged waters in this refreshing mist help heal, hydrate and rebalance even the driest complexions. The Mist creates a special negative ion-rich environment that instantly shift skin's energy level, visibly uplifting and reviving lethargic skin. A live internal magnet continually recharges the ingredients to maintain their optimum potency. Marine and botanical extracts soothe surface irritations and gently relax dry lines to restore skin's appearance. The Mist is indispensable after exposure to sun, wind or other dehydrating conditions, and also recommended for men after shaving.'
I think you've already worked that out that I love this product and has been in my hand bag wherever I go. It simply is a wonderful product to have and if you haven't tried this out yet... I think it's about the right time to do it ;)
The Body Refiner


I bought this when we went to London to celebrate my 36th birthday and I really love it.


That's all from me for now guys and I look forward to publishing my next post. Take care you guys... It's nice to be back... I missed you all!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009



Hello guys!!! I just thought that it's only right that I apologize to you all for not being able update my blogs in the coming few weeks.

I have been having problem with my internet connection with having to move on temporary accommodation. I am currently using a mobile broadband and it feels like moving to that hideous 56K modem (those of you who can remember using it about 10 years ago will know exactly what it's like). I'm hoping that this problem could be resolved soon so I can get on with my non-stop blogging (alright, I'm exagerrated that bit). I just got a warning of failure as we speak so I'm not even sure now if this would publish (Bloody thing!).

Anyway, as this is already starting to get on my nerves... I have to say bye bye for now. Please bear with me. I'll have more stuff to share when I eventually made it back to un-interrupted publishing ;)

Love you guys and I will surely miss you all.

Take care all of you and stay pretty.

Loadsa luvs...

Your ever Glitzy (ish) & Glamourous (ish)...

Gracie xxx


Saturday, 9 May 2009



A leaflet came through my letter box this morning and look at this free goodies we can avail starting next week!

It even included a sample of the Superdefense Moisturizer. It's got SPF 25 element in it which is great for summer :)

Not as generous as what we saw in London the last time we were there but I guess, even them, they're also feeling the credit crunch hence the limited gift items.
I'd definitely be going to take advantage of this opportunity to grab free goodies since I'm running out of my ever reliable pressed powder ;)
Have a great weekend everyone and stay pretty!!!



Rule: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW. No pimping or preparing. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

I guess I wasn't so unlucky to get this tag because I was quite made up when I got it hahahahaha! You think you'll catch me without make up huh! As you can see... I get myself ready first before tidying up...hence the untidy background and if you notice, I have a few clothes that needed ironing as well.

I had to crop this photo though because the place was a right mess... that's what you get when you've got a 10 year old boy (yeah, it's nice to have someone to blame hahahaha!)

I was just about to start tidying up my living room and ironing our clothes and linen when I turned my pc on check my blog when I got the tag... so I took this photo.
Now, I'm tagging...
Shen! Sorry sis... it looks like everyone else have been tagged :( Luv ya sis!

Thursday, 7 May 2009



Thank you very much Kristine for nominating me... very much appreciated :)


I have mentioned many times on my previous posts how I've met many beauty bloggers and connected with them. It really is a great feeling knowing that we're not alone in our addiction to make up and other forms of vanity. It's great to know that this form of addiction is now being embraced by millions of women and we are now able to express this freely. I've once thought that vanity is something very personal and it's something that I would never share publicly. However, when I discovered beauty blogging through Jheng I found out that it's amazing how things are done through blogging. I just love the way women share beauty tips and tricks and I must say, I have learned a lot... so thank you guys!


The rules are:
1. Take your award here.
2. Put the logo on your post.
3. Link the person who awarded you.
4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.
5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours.
6. Leave a message for your nominees.
My nominees are..
Jheng I met Jheng through Friendster and her link to her blog site posted on her profile gave birth to Glitz & Glamour, which is now nearly 14 months old :). I've had such a great connection with Jheng. I treat her like my baby sister alongside a couple more bloggers.
Nikki I met Nikki through blogging. It was her posts of make up tutorials, products reviews, beauty tips and other useful information she posts that got me connected to her... and then... through YM... we bonded like real sisters. We chat like we've known each other forever :)
Shen I met Shen through blogging as well. It was her glamourus side that got me tapped to her blog then we've started chatting on YM and found out that we have so much in common (I'm talking about vanity and all that jazz hahahahaha). We could talk about vanity like there's no tomorrow hahahahaha! I can't wait to see you guys in person eventually. Only 2 more months!
Jinxbea I met this lovely and really sweet person through blogging as well and just like the above dearies I have named... we have also been bonding on YM. We chat about different things... make up... being mums... being us... and everything else that our imagination ventures hahahahaha!
Mhean Meeting Mhean through blogging was exciting! She's addicted to MAC products so if you want to know anything new about MAC... check her blog and you can start by clicking on her name... right... now!
Kristine I met Kristine through beauty blogging as well and I've got a feeling that there might be exciting happening for our families in the future hahahahaha! Am I keeping you puzzled now sis? Hahahahaha! Think about it ;)
Whitz Just like everyone else, I met this goegeous young lady through blogging as well. She always provide her readers exciting posts including FOTDs and gorgeous stuff. I love reading her posts as well and most of all... I love her.... hmmmm..... You know what I'm talking about Whitz hahahahahaha!
Cris I also met this sweet and lovely beauty through blogging. She's ever so sweet and you could feel that through reading her posts. She could be everyone's baby sister... she's such a sweet darling! :)
Please click on the nominated bloggers to get connected to their respective links

Monday, 4 May 2009



Last Saturday night, I had the chance to enjoy a good night out once again. I don't got out that often as I feel that I'm getting too old for that. However, it was the night that I can't really miss specially when it was me who suggested the date to celebrate the first wages of two of our new colleagues (you know what it likes when you've just qualified and on your first job... first pay is definitely something to celebrate ;)).

Anyway as not all of could attend the party because we cannot afford to leave the ward without staff in it, it was nice as most of us who were off that night turned up.

Although I've only managed to take a few photos of the night, I thought I might as well share them with you guys ;)

Me at Sinatra's grabbing dinner to line that tummy up before hitting booze!

Me again!

Another one of me!

Oh! Another one of me!

Guess what... It's me again!

Paul and I. Paul and I attended the same class when we took Access to Nursing course at college before hitting the university :)

Sister Lindsay, me! Lovely Lauren and Paul

Alisson, leia and Sarah
I hope they were not talking about work

Lovely Lauren... shame she had to leave early because apparently, she was not in the mood. Makes me wonder... 'how can anyone not be in the mood looking like that?' I'm convinced she's had other agenda ;)

Michelle's tatoos made me cringe... Ouch! I wondered how people in town knew her name... It was tattoed on the back of her neck... hardly a rocket science hahahahaha!

The last photo I took on the night. This was just sooo cruel! Exactly what Luke said when I showed him the photo on my phone cam... 'Hahahahahaha! That looks funny! Hey, wait! That's my back!'

Poor Luke!
The night was great... Neil and I had a great laugh although we didn't get the chance to have our photo (together) taken. One time, we were sipping our drinks whilst looking at people passing by the window when a group young girls dress up in Moulin Rouge outfit stopped and posed but I took my phone out late to take a shoot. I can't believe the girls wear on night out now a days... There was a group of girls who wore knickers topped with see-through tutus... that freaked me out!
Oh, yeah! When I woke up the next morning... no hangover! I drunk my favourite Jack Daniel and coke all night... didn't mix my drinks and managed to stay away from Rose wine... It's lethal as I just keep drinking the thing without realizing I've had more than i can handle hahahahaha! Not such a good idea.
What about you... any crazy night out lately?
Mine wasn't that crazy because I've managed to end the night with my dignity intact ;)

Saturday, 2 May 2009



Last month, I was trying to find something that I could use as an alternative to my pricey Creme de la Mer Lifting Serum when I came across Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. The product looked promising so I've decided to grab one.



' Major scientific descovery: Skin's youth is characterised by the presence of certain proteins on the skin surfacee which are the result of gene expression.'

'For the 1st time from Lancome: Genifique helps promote an environment more characteristics of youthful skin, to leave skin looking younger. The proteins that are specific to young skin increase.*'

'Drop by drop, skin is refind and re-illuminated, as if infused with life. In just 8 weeks, regain the signature of younger looking skin.'

'Apply daily, morning and evening, before regular skin routine.'

What this product claim:
'Inspired by the latest facial lifting techniques, Lancome introduce Renergie Morpholift R.A.R.E. technology. Enriched with unique oligopeptides the R.A.R.E. range combats the sign of aging by better defining the skin's contours, for natural-feeling lifting effect. Wrinkles appear visibly reduce, and the skin is left feeling firmer and smoother.'

'Inspired by the structure of the skin's natural support network, the patented NEXTENSE complex combines different fibres to imitate the framework of the skin's surface for an intense, yet natural-feeling lifting effect. Immidiately, skin is firmer and smoother, and wrinkles appear visibly reduced.'


After using these products for a week, I have noticed that they have undone the improvement that the La Mer Lifting Serum has given me. They literally took the radiance that my skin had in the past 8 weeks of using the range of La Mer skin care that I use. although I carried on using my other La Mer skin care products minus the Lifting serum replacing it with the above 2 products, I felt that my skin was going back to its state before I started La Mer and I found it alarming that I stopped using them and get back to my La Mer lifting serum. They just didn't work for me.

Will I purchase these products again?

God no! I've already promised to give these products to a friend for her to try.


Before buying this product, try the sample first because although it is not as expensive as Creme de La Mer, it is still a bit pricey at over £50 GBP. The clinical trial that Lancome has conducted on these product came out with positive results so... who knows? This might be the right product for you.

Have a great weekend everyone and... oh yeah...!

Just watching Skynews and there's an update on Pacquio V Hatton match tonight... they've done the weighing and Pacqiao is slightly under the weight limit whilst Hatton is bang on the limit. Does this mean that our Pacqiao is on disadvantage for this match. It will be decided tonight so... tune in!