Friday, 1 May 2009



I am not a great fan of sports but tomorrow, all I wish to do is watch the Hatton v Pacqiao match, unfortunately, I'd be going out with my friends at work. The only way I could probably do it is convince the group to get a few drinks in a pub where they show the fight.

I think, I am particularly thrilled about the fight because I consider this match to be a 'gentlemen's fight'. It is because even from the start, both Manny and Ricky have expressed respect for each other. This is a fight where everything is going to be done in the name of sports and none of those macho/ego non-sense. I see Manny and Ricky having the true spirit of sport characters and despite of their successful careers, they've always looked back to their roots and because of that reason alone... their fans love and support them with great respect.

Fans from either camp will have something to say against each other and that is understandable but for me... may the best man win.

As much as I'd love to se the fight, it may not be a great idea for me as I easily get carried away hahahaha! The last boxing match I watched was of Karl Froch (I've only started watching his fights becaue his first cousin is my friend hahahahaha!) and believe me... I watched the whole fight with my heart pounding on the edge of my seat hahahahaha! When Karl won the fight, my hands were shaking whilst my friend (Karl's cousin) and I we're texting each other about the match. Unlike me, she watched it live in the arena and me in my living room hahahahaha!

Of course, I'd love Manny to win but if he doesn't I won't feel too bad because I know that it will be a fair fight.

My prayers goes to you MANNY. I'm sooo proud of you kabayaan!

Now ladies... that's the other side of me hahahahaha! I'm not a sport fanatic but I do love it every now and then ;)



Askmewhats said...

wow sis! you are so makabayan ha :) I am so proud of you!!! :D Sis enjoy the weekend! Muwah

Gracie said...

Of course sis and I believe in Manny! Have a great weekend to you and Keith too sis :)