Thursday, 7 May 2009



Thank you very much Kristine for nominating me... very much appreciated :)


I have mentioned many times on my previous posts how I've met many beauty bloggers and connected with them. It really is a great feeling knowing that we're not alone in our addiction to make up and other forms of vanity. It's great to know that this form of addiction is now being embraced by millions of women and we are now able to express this freely. I've once thought that vanity is something very personal and it's something that I would never share publicly. However, when I discovered beauty blogging through Jheng I found out that it's amazing how things are done through blogging. I just love the way women share beauty tips and tricks and I must say, I have learned a lot... so thank you guys!


The rules are:
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3. Link the person who awarded you.
4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.
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My nominees are..
Jheng I met Jheng through Friendster and her link to her blog site posted on her profile gave birth to Glitz & Glamour, which is now nearly 14 months old :). I've had such a great connection with Jheng. I treat her like my baby sister alongside a couple more bloggers.
Nikki I met Nikki through blogging. It was her posts of make up tutorials, products reviews, beauty tips and other useful information she posts that got me connected to her... and then... through YM... we bonded like real sisters. We chat like we've known each other forever :)
Shen I met Shen through blogging as well. It was her glamourus side that got me tapped to her blog then we've started chatting on YM and found out that we have so much in common (I'm talking about vanity and all that jazz hahahahaha). We could talk about vanity like there's no tomorrow hahahahaha! I can't wait to see you guys in person eventually. Only 2 more months!
Jinxbea I met this lovely and really sweet person through blogging as well and just like the above dearies I have named... we have also been bonding on YM. We chat about different things... make up... being mums... being us... and everything else that our imagination ventures hahahahaha!
Mhean Meeting Mhean through blogging was exciting! She's addicted to MAC products so if you want to know anything new about MAC... check her blog and you can start by clicking on her name... right... now!
Kristine I met Kristine through beauty blogging as well and I've got a feeling that there might be exciting happening for our families in the future hahahahaha! Am I keeping you puzzled now sis? Hahahahaha! Think about it ;)
Whitz Just like everyone else, I met this goegeous young lady through blogging as well. She always provide her readers exciting posts including FOTDs and gorgeous stuff. I love reading her posts as well and most of all... I love her.... hmmmm..... You know what I'm talking about Whitz hahahahahaha!
Cris I also met this sweet and lovely beauty through blogging. She's ever so sweet and you could feel that through reading her posts. She could be everyone's baby sister... she's such a sweet darling! :)
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Askmewhats said...

*hugs* thanks sis!!! I can't forget those crazy YM chats we have! Can't wait to see you!!!!! It'll be crazy and fab at the same time!!! Thanks for the friendship!!!

Gracie said...

I'm looking forward to that sis! :)

tinedangganda said...

LMAO!!! you got me there Sis!!! Thanks for Nominating me back.. I really really appreciate it... I think in the future we'll be not just friends but family huh??? ;D

Cris said...

*Internet Hug ^_^!*
Thank you ^_^!!!
Thanks so much for the sweet comment about me :D. This made me sooo happy, seriously :'). I'll pass on this tag ASAP ;).

tinedangganda said...

And Happy Mother's day to us, well I am greeting you because mother's day here is coming and since you're a Filipina, let me greet you

Gracie said...

@ tinedangganda: Hahahahaha! Sis Kristine! Yeah, there is that great potential of us becoming one family in the future! Hahahahaha! Happy mother's day to you too sis! Muah!

@ Cris: That's how I feel about you sis. Keep smiling and keep posting sweet blogs :)

jinxbea said...

oh my oh my... thanks you sis for nominating me... *hugs and kisses* to you...i am truly awaiting to meet you... time flies so soon ha...two more months....thank you very much for the friendship!

Gracie said...

Thanks to you too sis! I look forward to seeing you and your family soon :)

Whit said...

awww i luvz you too sis!!!

Gracie said...

I love you more! ;) Hahahahaha!