Tuesday, 29 July 2008



Just tried my new MAC mineralize make up and this was what I came up with. I was tempted to wear red lipstick but I just knew that it won't be a brilliant idea as I was going to work. I don't think my colleagues and patients would appreciate me doing my shift in red lippie... I must say... a tad too tarty ;)

In this FOTD, I used the following:
I wouldn't mention any primers used as they're the ones I've been using in my previous FOTDs
No. 7 Tinted Moiusturiser SPF15 (Medium)
MAC Mineralize Satin Finish SPF Foundation (NC35)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder (Medium/Natural and Shimmer)
MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (Polar Opposite - the lighter shade) all over the eye sockets
MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (Polar Opposite - the darker shade) all over creases and bottoem lash lines... blend blend blend
Clinique Eye Liner (Black Diamond) along upper lash lines
Clarins Waterproof Eye Liner (Black) along the water lines
Lancome Virtouse Mascara (Black)
Shu Uemura Glow On blusher
Yves Saint Laurent Lip Liner (9)
Shu Uemura Rougu Unlimited Crystal Shine (PK357S)

I'm sure you're excited about creating looks using the new MAC mineralize make up... Now, it's time to share them to us ;)

Monday, 28 July 2008



I've been trying to find something to wear for my friend's baby's Christening and so I went around shops with my boyfriend (sweet!). Since it's summer, I wanted to wear something nice and comfortable (not so revealing because of kids around! Gosh! I'll get told off ha ha ha!). So, this what I found and think are perfect combo for the occasion. What do you think guys?

My new Prada shoes... Wooo hooo!

The shop assistant was convinced it was the bling on the heels that made me buy this pair... well, she might be right ;)

Got this little dress from MacQueen boutique




As a response to request for swatches of this eyeshadow palette... here they are! As I find it quite difficult to do swatches on me and take photo at the same time... I asked my son if I could do it on him and he thought it was cool! As you can see, his arm looked tanned as he's just been on a week holiday and Spain and caught a nice tan :)

From the left:










I hope this helps :)



I got the idea of posting (sharing) my portable brush set. Those of you in the UK have probably seen this set everytime you visit Boots. This actually didn't appeal to me the first time I saw this set as the brushes didn't look that great. I thought that they were not going to be soft and find them harsh on my skin but after eventually buying and tried using them, I've proven myself wrong as they really happen to be a great buy.

As you can see, the case has been badly scratched from being washed... I've had this set for a very long time :)

It really is portable... I like the fact that this is a user friendly beauty product plus I hate it when my brushes get squashed that this case suits me

The other purpose of the case... brush holder. Isn't that wonderful?

Cool eh!



I've been wanting to get hold of these new MAC make up collection that I couldn't wait for my next pay day. Naughty I know... but hey! I'm just another girl :)

Thursday, 24 July 2008



Has it ever happen to you where you've forgotten your essential skin care when you intended to stay out overnight... let us say... hang around with friends or stay at boyfriend's place for the night? I suppose, I had an excuse to be forgetful last Tuesday evening as I wasn't feeling great. I was about a couple of blocks away from my place when I've realized that I forgot to pick up my eye make up remover, facial cleanser and moisturizer and instead of turning around to fetch them, I've decided to head to Tesco Supermarket to get them... I thought, anything cheap and basic wouldn't hurt me for the night. It was around 6.15 pm when I eventually left home and the only place that was open was Tesco *sigh!

Anyway, I went to Tesco and first stop was magazine rack where I picked up a few favourites and of course my skin care essentials.

This issue is packed with autumn winter designer stuff.

This issue really rocks!
It was funny that as I was flicking through the pages, I was identifying the images to some beauty bloggers... This page put a smile on my face... I said to myself! Ah! Sis Nikki! Here's your Paul and Joe :)

I thought of many bloggers when I saw this one... sis Jheng, Mhean, Christiana Divine, Tracy, Anne, Shen, Li(z)terati, Lani etc etc... Oh! Of course... YOU! :)

Oh, I also bought L'Oreal Facial wipes but forgot to include them ha ha ha!

InStyle Magazine with a free summer make up bag.

I'm looking forward to reading this book. I love to read gozzips and fashion tips about WAGS... Think Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole... Oh, speaking of Cheryl Cole, I can't wait to watch the new series of X-Factor as Cheryl replaced Sharon Osbourne following her resignation. Rumour has is... Cheryl and Danni Minogue have been exhanging nasty comments in the past... Can I sense a catfight? Apparently, Sharon couldn't stand Danni so she left the show. Danni's managed talent won the last series but never heard anything about him since. I'm on Camp Cheryl!

Everytime I look at this or see Barry M in Boots or Superdrugs... I can't help but think of Jheng... Sorry sis, I've just got to mention this... It really was cute and sweet!
I was chatting to Jheng on YM when I asked her if she has heard of Barry M (I think we were chatting about Panacea on YT). Anyway, Jheng replied something like... 'Barry M? Sino yon? Barry Manilow?' I honestly nearly fell off my chair... It really was sweet and I could just imagine the look of curiousity on her cute little face when she said it. Bless your little heart Jheng :)... I love you!!!

Just like any other beauty enthusiast... I also try those samples I find on magazines and I must say, I quite like this product and swears to try it soon :)... because I'm oh so worth it! Ha ha ha!!! Now now now!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

FOTD: 120 Palettes


I wasn't feeling great yesterday as I woke up with rashes on my neck. It's time of the year... I don't normally take my anti hestamine medication because it makes me feel drowsy but I did anyway just to ease the itching and oh dear... I thought I would never make it to my boyfriends let alone wear make up :(

I do apologize for not being able break down what I've used in this FOTD but promise I will soon :)

For now... I'd leave you my FOTD yesterday using my 120 palette off Ebay...


As promised, I am now telling you what I've used in this FOTD. Please bear with me as this may not be as straight forward as I'd like it to be because the colours of 120 Palettes are not identified. However, I'd try my hardest to be as comprehensive as I could be in describing them.

In this FOTD, I've used the following:


Primer: Christian Dior Capture R-Flash Instant Ultra Smoothing Fluid

Foundation: Clinique Superfit Make Up (Neutral/05)

Concealer: MAC Select Moisturiser (NC35)

Foundation: Clinique Almost Powder Make Up (Medium/05)

Press Powder: Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder (Matte Ivory/01)

EYES: This is where things get complicated :P


Eye Primer: Elizabeth Arden Eye Fix Primer

Highlight: Vanilla (Bottom left of the palette with black in them) all over my eye lids

Eye lids blended towards the creases: Orange palette with marble effect, second from the bottom (right)

Creases: Black (Third from the right)... blended on the creases

Eye Liner: Clinique Cream Shape (Black Diamond/101)

Mascara: Lancome Virtouse Mascara (Upper lashes)

Mascara: Clinique High Impact Mascara (Bottom lashes)


Blusher: Yves Saint Laurent Blush Variation (Rose Cendre/09)


Lip Liner: Chanel Precision Lip Definer (Griotte)

Lip Gloss: Yves Saint Laurent (Golden Gloss/6KAC)

That's me done!