Friday, 18 July 2008

The University of Nottingham


As part of my celebration following a succesful completion of my course, this post is dedicated to my dear Alma Mater... The University of Nottingham.

The University of Nottingham played a crucial role in my life within the past 3 years. My studies kept me going throughout the difficulties in life I have encountered here in the country I call my new home. This is a place where I was seen as the person that I am and not just a number. I often think to myself of the things that could have potentially happen if I was not succesful in gaining a place in this prestigious university... now that my future is going to be wholly influenced with my recent achievement, that question will remain unanswered. Not that I have complaints about the whole thing but sometimes, I can't help myself but wonder.

Was it worth it? It was worth every single second of the hard work I've put in because in the past three years, I could proudly say that as much as I have grown prefessionally my personal maturity have also grown enermously!

Looking back at the past 3 years of my life, many memories still make me smile (and I'm sure they will for a very long time)and make me realize how hard I've worked (I thought it was going to be impossible to achieve everything within 3 years but we all got through it). During the first week in the University was pretty scary as all we heard form module leader was how difficult things would be until we finish out course. Majority of the cohort made it to the graduation... very few left the course and a few have been put behind because they have failed on something. I sometimes think to myself... Oh my gosh! What about if it was me! It's such a relief that I can now look back at the whole thing and smile :)... Against all odds... I made it! (Melodramatic I know ;))

Anyway, I am here proudly sharing with you guys a background of the Univeristy where I was educated. I am proud to be part of The University of Nottingham and I'm sure you are proud with yours too :)

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What about you? Where did you obtain you degree? What are the things that makes you proud about your college or university? Or even your secondary or elementary school? Nursery and kidergarten? Hmmm... Not sure but I guess there were funny stories you might remember and want to share with us ;)



Phoebe said...

Such a wonderful entry, Gracie! I failed to congratulate you earlier but I bet it's not yet too late. :)

I've been to (counting...) 7 schools myself and am very proud of each institution. I wrapped up my kinder year as a valedictorian in this new preschool in 1988. The preschool is owned by the then director of Southridge (coincidentally, where my boyfriend went). I went to St. Scholastica's College-Manila for high school and I still think that it's the best choice I made (so far...I was invited by 2 other exclusive schools but chose SSC even if it's so far from my house). SSC trained me very well in public speaking, theatre, and arts which come in (beyond words) handy in my hosting and make-up gigs today. College, I went to DLSU-CSB. I could've gone elsewhere but my college offered me 100% sports scholarship. How cool is it that you can play for your school (and the country, I was part of the Philippine Pool for Field Hockey) and study for 4 years for free? ;)

heeeheee I can go on and on with the institutions that helped me become the person that I am today. Dented and imperfect yet still up and running. At (almost) 25, am still studying, working my way to become a reputable chef someday.

*sigh* Getting schooled is my most expensive yet most fulfilling vice. :)

(Sorry long comment! heehee)

Askmewhats said...

If I have a school/university, I would love to have you as my student as you are such a great student. You know how to appreciate the school! :) Cognrats again! :)

Shen said...

i hated most of my school ever since... not a good start i know. But i am proud proud of it. why? because it is partially responsible for molding the person that i am right now. I am happy that despite the trials each school has given, i have risen above it and proved to them that i am worthy(though no proving needed).

My class and I right now have a love and hate relationship but i'm sure one day when i give my testimonial as a new lawyer, i will have a good words to say about my school..

Nevertheless, i just want you to know that you are an inspiration to me. A "ate" that i admire.

I don't know very well, but i am very proud of you, Ate Gracie!

Gracie said...

Hiya, Phoebe! Thanks for leaving such a great comment and testimonial about your previous institutions. I've had similar history but I was determined to eventually graduate with this one. One thing I'm proud about being part of The University of Nottingham is that this was the instution where the sophisticated Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was invented and during my studies, I have had the opportunity to work with the top surgeons in the country and in the world. It's been absolutely fantastic learning with them... an experience one can only be proud of :)... Oh! No worries about long comments... I love them ;)... Hey! You do really like going around various schools ha ha ha! ;)

Oh, sis Nikki! Thank you! Well, I could never praise the university enough... it has got so much to give! :)

Oh, Thank you sis Shen! Oh... I love being 'Ate' (sister that is for those who don't speak nor understand Tagalog). I think, wherever we go and whatever we do, we always find something to moan about. Me and my friends used to moan and ask the point of writing thousands and thousands words of assignment and when we get lower grade than we expected 9even if it's pass)... we'd say... 'What else do they want?'. At the end of the day sis, it's our career that we are working hard for... we have goals to achieve and the instutions are just there to give us the favour of reaching and achieving those goals. One day sis! That would be you up on the stage collecting your cerificate and I'm sure it'll be one of the happiest moment in your life. We can order a dvd of our graduation for £20 each... would it be worth it? ;)

Nic Nic said...

I think university life has profound affect to our lives, it really makes us who we are! I chose Kingston because i wanted to move away from and i couldnt picked a better place. it's such a gorgeous place! I went to do English Literature, it was certainly a struggle but im really glad i didnt give up because now I say I have accomplished my degree :)

Gracie said...

Nic nic, Kingston is a great university to go as well :)... True, education has always been important for me and when I reached my 30th, I really thought I had to do something about my life... and so here I am... a Registered Nurse and planning to pursue more studies to further my nursing career.

I worry about my son wanting to go away from me when he starts uni... just my luck, he might choose to go somewhere rediculously far away from me like Edinburgh... I hope he doesn't though.

Thanks for sharing Nic xxx