Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Introducing: My friend, Rachael

Since we've finished our nursing course, we really haven't had the chance to see each other and it's because we have been busy looking for jobs and when we eventually found one, we became busy with them. So last week,we've tried to sort something out for today since we were all off work. The original plan was to watch SATC (Would you believe that, my friends have not been to see the film? How bizzare!). Anyway, since it has been showing for about over a month, they only show it once a day in the cinema and 8pm was a little too late for all of us so we've decided not to. As Sarah and Mandy (2 of our friends) had to pick up their kids from school (I've managed to arrange something for mine), Rach and I headed to Boots and looked for something to grab. As she was going on holiday, she wanted new make up and she prefered neutrals so we ended up at Benefit counter where the MUA wasn't busy and I suggested that Rachael had make over to get an idea on what would suit her... so she did! While her make up was being done, I've been sneeky enough to take photos. I teased her that I would post them on Facebook for our friends to see what she's been up to ha ha ha!

Anyway, here's my friend, Rachael and her Benefit make over.

Rachael talking to the MUA about her make up colours

Rach and Benefit MUA

Rachael being nosey again... asking about products

The MUA used a lot of products on such a simple make up and here was Rach trying to figure out which ones she would buy

Such a tough decision to make but she got there at the end :)
Couple of weeks ago, I've planned to pick up a few Benefit make up but I've spent my money on something else. I could hardly believe I sat on Benefit make up counter without buying anything. I've been wanting the paste erase but honestly, I stood strong... Next payday!


Shen said...

ooohh!! you've been really really good. :) your friend looks good. :) glad you had some Girl friend Time and away from work! :)

Askmewhats said...

wow sis, you are strong! You sat there and didn't purchase anything??? Way to go gracie!!!! You're my idol now :)

Gracie, your friend Rachael looks so cute!!!! I guess she's used to having you taking photos of her? She looks good and comfortable around the cam!!!! Sis...come back to Pinas!!!

Gracie said...

Yes, sister Shen! It's always nice to catch up with friends. Although we call and text each other regularly it's different when we're able to meet and catch up over a cup of coffee or something. I'll tell Rach about your compliment on her :)

Indeed, sis Nikki! I was extremely strong he he he... I always tell Rach she's cute but she never believe me. She's like an aunt agony to everyone. She's really sweet. I used my phone to take the photos (without flash) so she didn't realise how many photos I've taken ha ha ha! I really would want to go back to Pinas. Maybe we could have a make up shopping day ;)

Askmewhats said...

yea tell her to read your blog..i find her very cute! :)

hay sis...I won't go shopping with you pero you do all the shopping I'll just let me jaws drop til the floor HEHEH

Gracie said...

Oh, sis Nikki! You're just as bad as me when it comes to shopping ha ha ha!

I'll tell Rachael about this blog when I feel it's right ha ha ha! She'll find out how vain I am :)