Sunday, 22 June 2008

Party Diva!

Who doesn't want to party?

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to the Freemason ladies' festival and had a great time! It was lovely to see another network of friends. I don't see them very often infact, I only see them during Freemason gatherings because of our jobs. Anyhow, that's probably best to give ourselves the chance to miss each other. It's always exciting everytime.

A quick pose before heading to the party

I love this outfit... a little black dress from MacQueen boutique, Gucci shoes, pearl choker and handbag both from Vivienne Westwood collection. Make up by moi! (DIY)... and hair by Jane of Haircraft hair salon (I'm not very good with hairstyling that I have to leave it to the professionals... before you raise your eyebrows on me... I'm not suggesting that I'm good with make up either but what I know will do :))

My boyfriend said that I look like pregnant in this photo... cheeky sod!

Rachel. moi and Sue! They were the first 2 ladies I met within the Freemason

My boyfriend and I

Jill and I

My Sue!

Moi with Jill and Tony (such a lovely couple!)

Kevin (Sue's husband) and I... (Kevin reminds me of father Christmas ha ha ha!)

My boyfriend and Rachel (They must've been arranging the delivery of my own Ferrari... I wish!)

Rachel and I (She's the marketing manager of Ferrari and I've been telling her I want one but she seem to keep pretending she didn't hear me ;))

My gorgeous boyfriend! ;)

Rachel, moi and Cully

Dancing the night away

Trust my boyfriend to take photo of me with eye shut! Hmp!

I know I look funny in this photo but I can explain. I didn't even notice my boyfriend took this. ...There was a fund raising game where you have to throw a pound coin towards a bag of toiletries as the price... and whoever throw the coin closest to the bag wins. As you can see... they guys looked pretty impressed as I nearly won it! I didn't... darn!

Party stuff

Half bottle of sparkling wine with chocolates I won on the raffle

Every couple went home with this 5x7 silver picture frame

The invites/tickets

The menu/programme

Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer Evening Shopping Event

At last! The most awaited Vivienne Westwood Sale! Wooo hoo! I've been thinking about this event for over a week and have always had that pink hand bag in my mind to match my new pink Miu Miu shoes! I thought, if it was the only thing I could afford that day, it'll be worth it. I had a great time during the sale and it was surprisingly busy! They offered 30% discount during the week sale plus another 10% for regular customers like moi! There was a lovely dress that I really liked but unfortunately it wasn't available in my size (darn!). Anyway, I had fabulos time! Not sure about my boyfriend but to be fair, he's been patient and we did enjoy a few giggles on the items in the boutique ;). We didn't manage to have sips of Champagne as the manager and his asistants were very very busy... might give it a dig when the sale is over ;)

To look the part, (well, sort of :P)... I wore my basque from MACQueen boutique, trouser suit from Next and my black Miu Miu shoes and of course... my Vivienne Westwood pearl choker and black handbag (VW as well)

Ignore the bruise on my arm... I've been scratching it whilst I was asleep

My Vivienne Westwood haul!

Although I only came out with 4 items... I had a big grin on my face :)... I love them... a lot!

Black long sleeve ladies shirt from £100 (around 197 USD/8,800 PHP) reduced to £60 (around 118USD/5,278 PHP)

Black cotton ladies shirt from £60 (around 118USD/5,278 PHP) reduced to £36 (around 71USD/3,167 PHP)

Pink Slashed Satin hand bag from £135 (around 266 USD/11,878 PHP) reduced to £84 around ( 165 USD/7,389 PHP)

Black Helter Skelter (coin purse) from £70 (around 138 USD/6,159 PHP) reduced to £42 (around 82 USD/ 3,695 PHP)

After VW shopping my boyfriend took me to a seafood restaurant where we enjoyed oysters for starters, I had lobster for my main course and bf had salmon steak with prawns. It was a great meal and will definitely be going back soon.

What about you? Have you been enjoying the spring summer sale in your area? Let's hear about it :)


Just a quick shopping trip

I got these few bits and bobs about 2 weeks ago but I've just been so busy that I wasn't able to post them. Anyway, it's never too late so they're they are and I'm sharing them with you guys. Have fun browsing through them and do please feel free to ask any questions about them and I'll try my hardest to reply any queries.

Just a couple of skin of No.7 skin care plus a gift pack ;)

No.7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Boldy Exfoliator

No.7 Hydro Quench Sauna Mask

My generous No.7 gift:

A lovely pink jewerely box
Revitalising Hand Survivor
Liplicious in Candy Floss
Dream Lash Mascara in Black
Men's Post Shave Recovery Balm (For bf ;))
Stay Perfect Nail Polish in Pink Grapefruit
Time Resisting Day Cream
Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Tender
Lip Pencil in Nude

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette with travel size UDEPP

Taken without flash

Taken with flash

My new make up brushes! Wooo hooo!

My new MAC 187 make up brush. This has been recommended by Jheng after I've told her what I've done with 2 of my MAC brushes... I've done the most unforgivable thing to them and Jheng told me off :(

Ruby and Millie I-Define Eye Brush

Walked passed La Senza (my favourite lingerie shop) and saw this bikini set. I don't know why I bought them if I'm being honest as we're not planning of going anywhere near beach resort this summer. I suppose, I could put them away for our December holiday in the PI.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer Sale and Space NK Apothecary Summer Shopping Evening!

This time of the year is the perfect time to have loads of cash but sadly, I'm skint! Waaaaaa!!! I've already spent my little fortune on make up and other designer stuff :(. I've just checked my bank balance and it says I can afford a little something until I get paid next week so I may just be able to splash a little and convince myself that it (or they) would be a present (or presents) for myself on my first pay day. Hah! I'm already trying to justify mistakes that I'm about to commit :P... Oh noooo!!!! Why oh why has this got to happen to me! Life ain't fair!

Vivienne Westwood is having an evening preview (sale) shopping and I've already arrange with my boyfriend to go so he's coming to my place straight from work (how sweet!). He's asked me last night if I am dressing up for the event... Of course I am! I have to look the part! I can't go around evening shopping without preparing myself for the event! That would be a sacrilege! There might be champagne served as well during the event and the assistant manager promised me that if there was none, she'd take us in the office to have some whilst enjoying the sale. Hmmm... If anyone asked me 15 years ago if I'd be doing this? I'd say... it'll be a dream!

My Vivienne Westwood shopping invite is sorted but this is another one... sadly, I'll have to miss it. It's already breaking my heart to think that I'm gonna miss a make up evening shopping. There's a £15 entrace fee for the event but everyone will get a £60 worth of goody bag so I think it's a great deal plus you'll also get to speak to specialist beauty consultants about colours and skin care products. Perhaps... a make over! What about if they give away Shu Uemura products and I'll miss it? What about the NARS, Laura Mercier, Chantelle, Stila, Model Co, etc etc? Oh! I'm kicking myself already!

You must be wondering why am I getting so wound up with all these... well dearies... it's our 2nd year anniversary and as I've mentioned a while ago, my boyfriend made an issue about being dragged into make up shopping. The event starts from 6.30pm and finishes at 8.30pm... I suppose I could send him to his military fitness training but that would just be selfish of me, won't it? Think hard Gracie! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!! Ran out of excuses and will have to abandon the idea! Ohhhh....! I feel like crying now! Sniff sniff! Waaaaaa!!!!!! Of all people, why me?

What about you guys? What would you do if you were in my shoes? You can have a pick between Gucci and Miu Miu ;)