Sunday, 1 June 2008

Saturday date

My ever loving boyfriend has planned to take me out (or shall I say, spoil me) yesterday. I was spoilt rotten, believe me and I just felt to loved up this weekend. As much as we love spending time with Sam as a family it's also great to enjoy quality time together... just the two of us and do grown up things (drinking!).

First stop: Lunch in a Japanese restaurant. I fancied sushi and that's where he took me.

Next stop: Movie... Yeah! I've been wanting to watch Sex and the City and he's been kind enough to come along. It's a chick flick film and I'm glad, he's been brave enough to watch it with me. I've really enjoyed the film and so did he! I had a bit of tears and tried to dock down his arms so no one noticed it... but he did! Darn! If you've seen the film, I think you know which part I'm talking about. I'm such a softie!

Next stop: More food! He then took me to our favourite Chinese restaurant (Opium) where we enjoyed a lovely meal. It's our 4th visit but so far, food has been consistently fabulous! I've managed to drink almost a bottle of my favourite rose wine. I already had a glass of white wine in the Japanese restaurant when we stopped for lunch.

Starters... Yuksung with lettuce and Scallop

Just a quick photo before starting our main course

Main Course... We didn't really feel that hungry so we only managed a crispy stuffed duck and King Prawns with green peppers and black bean sauce... and of course, egg fried rice.
Next stop: Salt Lake for cocktails. Of course, after watching SATC, you've gotta have Cosmopolitan! ;)

Us on the bar terrace

Our last stop: Another bar for last cocktails.

...and this was me at the end of the night before heading home. Looking... knackered ha ha ha!
What about you? What have you been up to last Saturday?



iamsutil said...

weee, kakilig! i love the red lipstick on you darling. and yep, i know i still owe you an fotd. i am just not sure if i can pull off such looks like you did!

Gracie said...

Oh, Jheng! You're such a sweet talker! Of course you can! You're the diva and I could only wish to be your understudy ha ha ha!