Thursday, 19 June 2008

Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer Sale and Space NK Apothecary Summer Shopping Evening!

This time of the year is the perfect time to have loads of cash but sadly, I'm skint! Waaaaaa!!! I've already spent my little fortune on make up and other designer stuff :(. I've just checked my bank balance and it says I can afford a little something until I get paid next week so I may just be able to splash a little and convince myself that it (or they) would be a present (or presents) for myself on my first pay day. Hah! I'm already trying to justify mistakes that I'm about to commit :P... Oh noooo!!!! Why oh why has this got to happen to me! Life ain't fair!

Vivienne Westwood is having an evening preview (sale) shopping and I've already arrange with my boyfriend to go so he's coming to my place straight from work (how sweet!). He's asked me last night if I am dressing up for the event... Of course I am! I have to look the part! I can't go around evening shopping without preparing myself for the event! That would be a sacrilege! There might be champagne served as well during the event and the assistant manager promised me that if there was none, she'd take us in the office to have some whilst enjoying the sale. Hmmm... If anyone asked me 15 years ago if I'd be doing this? I'd say... it'll be a dream!

My Vivienne Westwood shopping invite is sorted but this is another one... sadly, I'll have to miss it. It's already breaking my heart to think that I'm gonna miss a make up evening shopping. There's a £15 entrace fee for the event but everyone will get a £60 worth of goody bag so I think it's a great deal plus you'll also get to speak to specialist beauty consultants about colours and skin care products. Perhaps... a make over! What about if they give away Shu Uemura products and I'll miss it? What about the NARS, Laura Mercier, Chantelle, Stila, Model Co, etc etc? Oh! I'm kicking myself already!

You must be wondering why am I getting so wound up with all these... well dearies... it's our 2nd year anniversary and as I've mentioned a while ago, my boyfriend made an issue about being dragged into make up shopping. The event starts from 6.30pm and finishes at 8.30pm... I suppose I could send him to his military fitness training but that would just be selfish of me, won't it? Think hard Gracie! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!! Ran out of excuses and will have to abandon the idea! Ohhhh....! I feel like crying now! Sniff sniff! Waaaaaa!!!!!! Of all people, why me?

What about you guys? What would you do if you were in my shoes? You can have a pick between Gucci and Miu Miu ;)


Shen said...

You have a great guy and for the special event, i think you can give up make-up for this. :) And just imagine what a great time you 2 will have reminiscing and stuff. :)

pics on the VW evening event. :) we gotta see the outfit you'll wear. I simply can't wait!! :)

Gracie said...

Oh, Shen! You're such a sweetie! Thank you! I hope you get your SATC notebook soon by the way :)

Yeah, I can't wait! I still haven't decided what to wear though altough I'm toying with the idea of wearing my black basque. Hmm... I'll think about it. At least I know that it'll make my fella happy ha ha ha!

Yabusame said...

If the Space NK evening event means so much to you honey, then go. I'm quite happy to get beasted by those military types, and it means I can curse you as I slog it up that nasty hill too ;-)

We were originally planning to go to Leeds for our anniversary so that you could get your make up anyway, and as we haven't really got any plans now since Space NK got your make up in for you, you might as well go to the evening do.

For this evening, you should definitey wear the basque if the weather is good (no point wearing it and then hiding it under a coat). I'll be wearing my suit with a black shirt (no tie), I'm going for the informal but well-dressed look.

See you later,

Gracie said...

Awww... honey! That's sooo sweet! I can't wait to see you this evening! Love ya! xxx

Askmewhats said...

awww..another "wanting to haul" moment for you!! accckkkkk..

Gosh..should I choose between Gucci and Miu miu? that is inhumane!!!! No one can choose!!!! just have both! LOL

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Oh, Nikki, sister! You make me laugh! I've had a great time on the VW evening shopping sale and I wish I had more dosh... but hey, we can't have everything, cane we? ;)

Gracie said...

I meant... can we? What on earth is cane? Ha ha ha! Having a blonde moment again ;)

Anonymous said...

lol, you went! :D but if i may say, i would still go but leave early perhaps, just to have best of both worlds. :D what did yah get? am sure it's fab! :)

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Sis Mhean! Yeah, I went to the Vivienne Westwood evening shopping sale with bf and we'll be popping in to the Space NK shopping event as well... perharps after we've been to see a film :)