Sunday, 22 June 2008

Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer Evening Shopping Event

At last! The most awaited Vivienne Westwood Sale! Wooo hoo! I've been thinking about this event for over a week and have always had that pink hand bag in my mind to match my new pink Miu Miu shoes! I thought, if it was the only thing I could afford that day, it'll be worth it. I had a great time during the sale and it was surprisingly busy! They offered 30% discount during the week sale plus another 10% for regular customers like moi! There was a lovely dress that I really liked but unfortunately it wasn't available in my size (darn!). Anyway, I had fabulos time! Not sure about my boyfriend but to be fair, he's been patient and we did enjoy a few giggles on the items in the boutique ;). We didn't manage to have sips of Champagne as the manager and his asistants were very very busy... might give it a dig when the sale is over ;)

To look the part, (well, sort of :P)... I wore my basque from MACQueen boutique, trouser suit from Next and my black Miu Miu shoes and of course... my Vivienne Westwood pearl choker and black handbag (VW as well)

Ignore the bruise on my arm... I've been scratching it whilst I was asleep

My Vivienne Westwood haul!

Although I only came out with 4 items... I had a big grin on my face :)... I love them... a lot!

Black long sleeve ladies shirt from £100 (around 197 USD/8,800 PHP) reduced to £60 (around 118USD/5,278 PHP)

Black cotton ladies shirt from £60 (around 118USD/5,278 PHP) reduced to £36 (around 71USD/3,167 PHP)

Pink Slashed Satin hand bag from £135 (around 266 USD/11,878 PHP) reduced to £84 around ( 165 USD/7,389 PHP)

Black Helter Skelter (coin purse) from £70 (around 138 USD/6,159 PHP) reduced to £42 (around 82 USD/ 3,695 PHP)

After VW shopping my boyfriend took me to a seafood restaurant where we enjoyed oysters for starters, I had lobster for my main course and bf had salmon steak with prawns. It was a great meal and will definitely be going back soon.

What about you? Have you been enjoying the spring summer sale in your area? Let's hear about it :)



Yabusame said...

Well honey, since none of your other regular readers are going to comment on your Vivienne Westwood haul I think I will...

... What the...? ;-)

Catch ya later honey,

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Doesn't that sound a bit sad, honey? ;)

Nic Nic said...

you look lovely in that corset, like a sexy vixen ;)

Gracie said...

Thank Nic! I love it too but after we had dinner, I could hardly breath ha ha ha! No wonder women in the past fainted every 5 minutes ha ha ha!

Scheharazade said...

Wooow I love all these Vivienne's stuffes ! So pretty !^^