Wednesday, 30 April 2008

More luxury stuff!

I've decided to be a good girl today that I stood strong and didn't go out shopping! Hurrah! It wasn't easy, believe me... but I did it! (Pat on my shoulders ;))

...However... that didn't stop me from getting my mits on these exciting new things! Is it my birthday? No! Is it Christmas? No! Anniversary? No! What is it then? Just been a good girl, I guess! (Yeah, right!)

I was quite shock with the massive box as I wasn't expecting for anything that big

Alright! It was a small box inside a massive one. Not a rocket science!

Of course... my make-up train case! Fabulous!

Hmmm... What can I do with this spacious box? Think... think... think....

Oh, you cheeky! It's not an enterprise! You'll have to see what I'll do with it in a little moment ;)

I'm a good girl, I am! My Taylor Made Pigment!

My wicked haul!

Gorgeous colours!

I know what you're thinking and yes... I bought the top one because it's got my name on it ;)

My Everyday Mineral E/S brushes... I'm glad they arrived eventually :)

...and that's the whole lot! For today anyway :)

My vanity! Didn't have a clue what to put where so this was the best I came up with so far. I'm bound to reorganize it again. This could've been bigger for more make up. Well, that'll do for now :)

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Never say never to shopping ;)

Hmmm.... shopping! It's probably my new work out regime nowadays. I know I'm a right shoppaholic but I just can't resist it. Well, life is for living :)

Mints and facial cleanser

I love this facial cleanser, which contains amino-peptide so it's compatible with my Susan Lucci

I even found a mint that is very very... MOI!

Mints and mirror in one little pink box... How cool is that!

YAY! I love La Senza for my lingerie and I just couldn't resist these pretty nighties and pjs

It's summer soon and these little flat sandals are really fab!

Got these foot gel thingy bobs to help protect in betweeen my toes. I know they look like implant but they're not, believe me ;)

This is how it suppose to work and I've already tried them and I'd say... They do make the difference

My make up disaster

I've been playing with my colours again this morning (which wasn't a great idea as I've got such limited time in getting ready to take my son to school) and I thought I looked silly in blue eye make up. However, when I took these photos out of curiosity... I thought it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Alright, alright... it wasn't great but I guess I could improve. I'll try another way or doing my eye make up in blue again tomorrow and see if it improves at all.

So, here were my photos... Please please please, if you've got any ideas on what I could do to improve... please don't hesitate to let me know. It'll be very much appreciated. Thank you :)

Monday, 28 April 2008

My happy Monday shopping spree

Indeed! A one happy Monday!!! ;)

I only meant to pick up my L'Occitane skin care but I ended up going to other shops ha ha ha! Well, I suppose, I haven't done so bad today. I've only visited 3 places... British Home Stores, L'Occitane and John Lewis.

Lancome Color Focus Palette 4 Ombres (311)
Lancome Waterproof Eye Kohl in Curacao (8180 57)
First stop: John Lewis to pick up blue eye palette and got gifts with my purchases. How cool is that!
My generous gift pack:
Straw hand bag
Express Cleaning for Face, Eyes and Lips
Flash Bronzer Leg Gel (Instant Dry Self-Tanning Spritz)
Definicils Mascara (High Definition Mascara)
Blusher Make Up Brush
Juicy Tubes Lychee (Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss)
Renergie RE-fill Eye Cream (anti wrinkle eye serum)
Renergie Re-fill Cream (Anti-wrinkle cream)

My Lancome luxury

My Pampering potions ;)

Verbena L'Occitane body lotion

Verbena L'Occitane body salt scrub

Verbena L'Occitane shower soap

Verbena L'occitane scented candle

Shea butter L'Occitane hand cream

My L'Occitane gift - Shampoo and conditioner

I'm not so vain after all... I do love to cook and bake. I love this set of kitchen essentials (tea towels, oven gloves and apron). Well, the accessories were nice and it's a shame not to have them :)

My little summer straw bag :)
Just big enough for my essential
Umbrella (I call it Ella :) for English unpredictable weather)
Make up bag on the go
My 80G Classic Ipod
Coin purse
My phone
Hand cream
My on essentials on the go. I try to be minimalist when it comes to taking stuff in my hand bag as it could get really heavy if I'm not careful. I used to walk around with half of my dressing table and bathroom with me ;)... this is just sensible

Sheer Cover Mineral Make Up

I have never been so happy with my skin until I've tried a combinations of the skin care that I am currently using. I hope that they'll carry on working as they are (Please... goddess of beauty! ha ha ha!).

It's Monday and Sam's back to school. My mornings are always busy (having to take Sam to school) so I haven't got plenty of time to play with when I get myself ready for the day.

When my Sheer Cover MMU arrived last Thursday, I could barely wait to try them on. So I did last Friday morning. However, not that I didn't trust the product but I was apprehensive of not using my traditional foundation so I've just applied a tiny bit my Shideido. Then topped it up with my Sheer Cover MMU. It wasn't a very clever decision as I ended up with my face looking very much caked up in MU. So since last Saturday, I've started using my Sheer Cover MMU with just my primer (Elizabeth Arden) and MAC concealer (Sheer Cover came with concealer as well but I prefer my MAC) then apply my Sheer Cover MMU... and this morning... I took these photos after my another shopping spree (What a way to start the week!). So, really... this was how I looked 3 hours after I've done my make up. I can't believe my face looked so radiant with just the Sheer Cover MMU (no foundation!). It only shows what you could do when your skin is in great condition to start with. My Susan Lucci Personal Microdermabrasion + Olay Definity + Sheer Cover are really working in such a great harmony!

I had a go on a brown smokey eye using Beau Nelson's technique I saw on youtube MU tutorial. Although he used grey instead of brown on the video clip... I think brown looks nice as well. I'll play with other colours as well and see if the same technique works. There were many other eye make up tutorial I saw on youtube and they are absoloutely amazing. I'm already toying on the idea of having a go at them when I'm not so busy.