Monday, 28 April 2008

Sheer Cover Mineral Make Up

I have never been so happy with my skin until I've tried a combinations of the skin care that I am currently using. I hope that they'll carry on working as they are (Please... goddess of beauty! ha ha ha!).

It's Monday and Sam's back to school. My mornings are always busy (having to take Sam to school) so I haven't got plenty of time to play with when I get myself ready for the day.

When my Sheer Cover MMU arrived last Thursday, I could barely wait to try them on. So I did last Friday morning. However, not that I didn't trust the product but I was apprehensive of not using my traditional foundation so I've just applied a tiny bit my Shideido. Then topped it up with my Sheer Cover MMU. It wasn't a very clever decision as I ended up with my face looking very much caked up in MU. So since last Saturday, I've started using my Sheer Cover MMU with just my primer (Elizabeth Arden) and MAC concealer (Sheer Cover came with concealer as well but I prefer my MAC) then apply my Sheer Cover MMU... and this morning... I took these photos after my another shopping spree (What a way to start the week!). So, really... this was how I looked 3 hours after I've done my make up. I can't believe my face looked so radiant with just the Sheer Cover MMU (no foundation!). It only shows what you could do when your skin is in great condition to start with. My Susan Lucci Personal Microdermabrasion + Olay Definity + Sheer Cover are really working in such a great harmony!

I had a go on a brown smokey eye using Beau Nelson's technique I saw on youtube MU tutorial. Although he used grey instead of brown on the video clip... I think brown looks nice as well. I'll play with other colours as well and see if the same technique works. There were many other eye make up tutorial I saw on youtube and they are absoloutely amazing. I'm already toying on the idea of having a go at them when I'm not so busy.

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