Thursday, 24 April 2008

Retail Therapy

Another day of retail therapy although I keep telling myself... No more shopping!

My new Jane Norman cream jacket (dead sexy!), more MAC make-up brushes, skinny jeans, mini dress, 4 cami tops all from Therapy (How appropriate!) of House of Fraser

My new MAC brushes (Foundation and tappered blending brushes)

Another make-up brush (Kabuki) and matte eye shadow, both by Urban Decay

Gorgeous packaging!

New scarves (Love the colours!)


iamsutil said...

oh my gawd, gracie you are you go shopping everyday!? hahaha...i love the brushes! is that MAC 224 or 222? how much did you get it for? and the too faced kabuki? i've been wanting to get another kabuki for a long time now. please tell me if it's good ha? muaaah

Gracie said...

I know, Jheng... I'm very much insane about shopping... I'm just a girl (I know it's a pethetic excuse but there you go)... Yep, my foundation and tapered blending brushes are MAC. The Foundation brush cost me £25 and the tapered brush was £19.50. My Too Faced Kabuki brush was £19.00... I think I'm giving my shopping a rest for now. My boyfriend has already been teasing me about winning the lottery (which I never do) or having a sugar daddy (Never!) I've used my kabuki brush this morning (barely dry as I've washed it straight away yesterday afte I've taken the photo), and it's really good! Worth every penny I've paid for it :)