Thursday, 24 April 2008

My Sheer Cover Delivery :)

After waiting for over 3 weeks (has been out of stock), my Sheer Cover loot have finally arrived!
I can't wait to try this new product. See if it does what it has promised. I'd be reviewing this in the future. I know I've said the same thing about Susan Lucci but I still haven't had the chance to do it. I will soon... no worries :)

My Sheer Cover loot! Yes, indeed!:
Conditioning Cleanser
Nourishing Moisturiser with Sunscreen
Mineral Foundation (In 2 shades so I can customise my them)
Dou Concealer (In 2 shades too!)
Colour Compact
Brushes (Studion concealer, studio powder brush and studio contouring brush)
All in one brush (touch-ups on-the-go in a hadbag friendly size)
Sheer Colour Compact
Extra Length Mascara
Tips and Tricks DVD (I still haven't watched this)

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