Monday, 28 April 2008

A one proud mummy

Yesterday (27th April 2008) my son attended the St. George's cubs scout parade. So, the proud mother that I am (always), took him to the venue and decided to take a few photos using my phone (I wish I brought my digicam). When my boyfriend came to meet us, he then took this photo. Looking at this photograph makes me realise that my son is really growing up and nothing (or no one) will ever stop that! We have been so close... he's been my bestfriend (my beauty critic as well and believe me... an honest one as well. He's compared me to different women including Morticia Adams... he thought I looked like her when I had my hair coloured in nearly jet black few years ago). He knows that one day, he'll be a fully grown up man he he will lead his own life (sniffle sniffle), his own family... but he knows as well that even when he's 60 or 90 years old... he will always be my baby. He wants to study astro physics when he grows up but I'm worried that a career on that field might mean that he'll have to move away from me. He wanted to be a doctor when he was younger and I'm trying to encourage him to reconsider... I hope he does. Well... it's too early still so I don't think I should be freeting just yet.

I know he didn't look happy in this one. He hates it when I baby him in the public :(

This photo has got a funny story behind it... I was jsut paying for my tops and belt at the Warehouse shop when I heard the parade was approaching where I was... I asked the shop assisstant to hang on to my shopping whilst I took this photo... Ha ha ha! Even my boyfriend thought it was hilarious!


iamsutil said...

your baby is so gwapo, gracie! :) and i am sure, you are one great mom!

Gracie said...

Thank you Jheng! Yeah... but sometimes, I try my colours on him (specially lipgloss) and he hates it but I bribe him ha ha ha! Is that child cruelty?