Saturday, 22 November 2008



I have been feeling soooo frustrated lately because I've been finding it hard to find a dress that would make me say 'wow!' until this afternoon when my boyfriend has been patient enough to go around shop with me and waited to try a few dresses.

We found a few lovely dresses at Karen Millen and although I wanted to wear a black dress but when I saw and tried this one on... I just felt that it was a great dress. I was teasing my boyfriend on our way home by singing (yes, singing and not saying) that wearing the dress made me...'feel pretty... oh so pretty...!'. I think you know the song it was from ha ha ha! My boyfriend and I were laughing on our way home. It was a lovely shopping trip. Thank you so much honey :)

I actually bought 2 dresses but I had to have the other one altered because the shoulder strap was a tad too long for me. I'll post the other one soon as I've collected it :)

This dress fits me like a glove and you'll see what I mean when I post photo wearing it :) This dress was on sale... originally £225 but it cost me £150. The other one was £250 and wasn't on sale. Never mind.

Top front


Top back

I didn't intend to buy a new bag but this one grabbed me like crazy. It really is tiny... but who cares! It looks gorgeous... I'll be able to squeeze my lipstick and face powder in but then again, what else would I need for the night ;) This was £99 (not the most practical purchase I've ever made but then again, what the heck! ;))

Me and my boyfriend are looking forward to going to the party and I'm sure it'll be a great night :)

Friday, 21 November 2008



Here I am continues to put a look together for the forthcoming Freemason Christmas dinner party. I've sorted my shoes out, now, the make up.

To get that Christmas festive feel, I grabbed couple of new Dior items.

I thought they are great match

Lovely Christmas colours perfect for creating smokey eyes :)

Could it be any more red than this? ;)

I thought, I'll try them on :)

Now, it's turning into a full blown cam whoring ;)

Grrr! That curled eyelash fell on my lower lip!

Shoes sorted, make up sorted... now the dress... Yes, I need something. Blimey! Looks like I'm turning up in a bin liner at this rate. Grrr! Where on earth are they?



Well, I would've never thought I'd get an early Christmas present from a friend let alone a dress. Indeed a very very generous present... so thank you sis Nikki... You're a star!

Sis Nikki (yes she's my self proclaimed sister alongside a few others... you know who you are girlies :)), and I have been chatting for a few months now and believe me, you don't want to know what we talk about online. Yes, she looks sweet and innocent but when you got chatting to her she's just as mad as me ha ha ha! Was it suppose to be a secret sis? Sorry, I didn't realise ha ha ha!

Anyway, I got this present from sis Nikki over a week ago and I've been promising myself that I would post it soon and here it is. It's a little lovely dress and I love it. Thanks ever so much sis it was a lovely surprise :) My boyfriend loves this dress too :)

It's funny that we have very similar taste when it comes to a lot of things and I suppose, that makes things a little less complicated. I do love and enjoy chatting to sis Nikki... she often leaves me in stiches here but I can't complain. She's such a great lass and I feel privileged to be her friend :) Luv ya sista! Muah!

I got so excited to open the package that I didn't get chance to take photo of it. I love the pink wrap that it was in sis and thanks for the enclosed message as well.
For those of you who want to know where she's got it from... it was from Rustan, I know because to sticker on the pink wrap said so ;)
Catch you soon sis!!! xxx

Thursday, 20 November 2008



Hello guys! Sorry for being quiet for a while... You must have been bored checking my blog without any exciting update. Well, dearies, what can I tell you? I've been so busy at work and I've not been very well this past 2 weeks. Monday last week, I came down with a horrible flu and I could never thank my boyfriend enough who has taken off work for 3 days to look after me and my son. Honey, loadsa thanks :) Your kindness will never be forgotten :)

Anyway, as Christmas season is fast appoaching and of course, we can let it slip away without celebrating it :). During the past 2 years, my boyfriend has been taking me to Freemason Christmas dinner, which of course we enjoy a lot :)... and of course for moi... it's a valid excuse to got out and find nice things to wear for the occasion. So, here I am, busy trying to put an outfit together for the night and as you probably know me... I start with the shoes... Well, I don't always start with the shoes but with anything that would grab my attention. It just happened that when I visited my favourite designer shop, they have just launched the new stuff for the season and these pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes grabbed my atttention and decided that they were the ones I'd love to wear during the night.

So guys... browse away :)

They look bright red in this photo but they're not.

They were originally £350 but I used my £50 voucher to pay towards them so at the end, they only cost me £300... cool eh! Good thing about Flannels, is that for £1,000 you spend in the shop, you'll get rewarded a £50 voucher... How cool is that?

Actual colour

Certified killer heels indeed!

New pair of shoes means a visit to Vivienne Westwood boutique ;)

Closest match that I could find

There's my massive bag I bought (2 months ago?)

My Vivienne Westwood bags and purses collection (so far ;))

My Vivienne Westwood bags and purses collection alongside a few pairs of designer shoes (3 pairs Gucci, 2 pairs MiuMiu, 1 pair Prada, 1 pair Yves Saint Laurent. Where does it end? Well, I'd love a pair of Manolos and Louboutin... and another designer bag during our trip to London next week and that would wrap my 2008 up ;)) I'd post photos of my whole shoe and bag collection... promise... soon :)

My pretty little things before jumping back into their boxes ;)
Dust bags are sooo useful in taking care of nice things :)
You must be wondering... where's the dress? Well, I'd love a long black dress for the occasion but I'm struggling at the moment. I hit the shops and boutiques this afternoon and tried a few. One of them drowned me (it was extremely long... geez!), the other one didn't fit me... I found a lovely dress on the website but it wasn't out on the shops yet... and finally another one I've ordered online because they didn't have my size in the shop (the last one got snatched before I got there). At the moment, I'm still waiting to hear from them to find out whether they have it or not. Otherwise, I'll try my luck in London next week and I hope I'll find one eventually (well, before the party would be helpful). Gosh! I never thought finding the right dress would be this hard... Hmmm.... Wish me luck guys :)

Sunday, 16 November 2008



My hair has been getting quite dry lately because of central heating wherever I go (except outdoors ;)) that I had to find remedy for my poor battered hair. I saw this hairdryer being on half price offer that I thought of grabbing one and see how it works. So far, it's been working for me and I could tell the difference it makes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it continues that way :)

Saturday, 15 November 2008



I've been hearing about the success of this single released by the 2008 X Factor contenders but never seen it on TV. Last Saturday, they performed this track with Mariah Carey (Being the Mariah Carey week) but I must have been up to something in the kitchen and missed it. So today, out of curiousty, I thought I'll have a look and found this on YT. I knew that Simon Cowell released this single as a charity gesture but I didn't realise it was for the country's modern day heroes... our lads fighting both in Iraq and Afghanistan... our lads who fight for us so we won't have to.

I also dedicate this song to my boyfriend who is passionate of the work of these modern day heroes.

Thursday, 6 November 2008



Aside from make up, I am also passionate about my perfume collection. I love perfume, they make my day complete having them on :)

Few weeks ago, Agent Provocateur launched the limited edition Diamond Dust perfume and it was just one of those things that I can't give a miss so I grabbed myself one. Now, I'm grateful that I did as they all sold out 2 days after I bought mine. This perfume contains pure diamond dust that the way I look at it... it's not just a great perfume but an accessory as well. You can literally cover yourself in diamond with this. I find this great when wearing something that expose my shoulders such as low neckline tops or dresses.

I also got 3 sachets of body cream, 3 sachets of shower gel and 3 a sachet of bubble bath and yes... my very own Agent Provocateur scarf ;)

The packaging is just amazing! It's true bling!

Diamonds are girls' bestfriend! Yes, makes you feel like every inch of Marilyn Monroe ;) PINK & DIAMOND. Isn't that wonderful?

My other new perfume. I actually bought this ages ago when I shopped with my friend Rachael but for some reasons, I shoved this on the bottom of my wardrobe and forgotten all about it. Just found it a while ago so I'm using it now. It smells gorgeous!

Came with pen perfume as well.... I'm really good with collectiing freebies ha ha ha!

My Perfume Collection :) What have I got here?

Elle by Yves Saint Laurent

Jean Paul Gaultier Classic

Burberry London

Rock & Rose by Valentino (A Christmas present from my bf)

Coco Chanel (nearly empty :()

Armani Diamond

One by D&G

Maitresse by Agent Provocateur


Diamond Dust by Agent Provocateur

Boudior Sin Garden by Vivienne Westwood

One by D&G

Gucci Bag by Gucci (2nd anniversary present from bf :))

and a few miniatures I got as freebies :)

My very own perfume counter in my bedroom :)... Yep! I love scented candles too :)

Are you mad about perfume too?