Saturday, 1 November 2008



Hello guys! I hope you all are having a fantastic time!

My boyfriend took me to a Halloween night out with his friend. They planned to have theme... 'TARTS AND PIMPS WITH A TWIST' where the girls supposed to dress up as pimps and boys as tarts. I told my bf that if he ever dressed up as a tart... I won't be walking with him but behind him... I'd be the stalker ha ha ha!

Anyway, I'm glad that they decided to drop the idea. I know it's all about having fun but I do draw the line of what I call 'fun'... Killjoy, I heared someone say ;)

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few photos taken before we went out to meet everyone :)

I wore my new Front Cover eye palette for the night. I'd be posting it soon. Watch this space :)

The dress I wore... Another Primark grab. For £12 I think it is a lovely dress.

The Outfit:
Dress: Primark £12
Tights: Boots £5
Shoes: Prada £485

As I was getting myself ready, I heard my intercom buzzz and so I thought... 'Who on earth is it, this time of the night?'. So I answered my intercom and it was my neighbour who's about in his late 40s or early 50s said he was trick or treating. I was gonna send my bf down as I was still in my dressing grown but I let him in anyway. Oh my gosh! My neighbour was wearing a skeleton outfit and carrying a little bucket for his sweets and a box of eggs. Now, you don't want to miss around with someone who's carrying a box of fresh eggs on Halloween night so I dashed for my kitchen and just managed to find a bag of sweets. Phew! That was close! So next ime, I'll make sure I've got some sweets ready for occasions like that.
What about you? How did you celebrate your Halloween night? Or day?


ria redor said...

cute dress!!! looks fab on you! :)

Askmewhats said...

sis I love your outfit! I love ruffles!!!! You look fab!

I didn't do anything for trick or treats, I just had a good office party when we were chatting, after the meeting, we had our party right away :)

Happy halloween!

Shen said...

first off, just wanna say i got your gift!! thanks so much ms. santa!!! yey!! they are gorgeous!!! like your prada shoes and primark dress!! hope you had a fun halloween!! :) i'm here in the province and can't play with my shadow box (so aptly name for the halloween). :)

Gracie said...

>>>Ria>>> Thank you chick! :)

>>>Nikki>>> Thank you sis! Yeah, it was the ruffles that made me grab that dress ha ha ha!

>>>Shen>>> Thanks sis! I'm sooo glad you've eventually got it :) Enjoy...!