Monday, 28 June 2010

Our 4th anniversary in Cardiff: First installment ;)

Hello guys! I'm back again!!! I hope you all are doing well!!! :)

Last week, my bf and I have celebrated our 4th anniversary and decided to spend it in Cardiff. As I need to be getting ready for work very soon, this is going to be a really short post so watch this space as I've got a lot more photos and stories/experiences to share.

See you soon guys!!!

Below were the photos we took on the day that we arrived Cardiff.

I would've never known it meant 'way out'

I lasted the day wearing these ever reliable 4 inches Gucci shoes!!!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Clinique Bonus Time

For beauty on a budget like me, I always look for good offers when it comes to buying my necessities. Gift packs on offer for every purchase of my beauty necessities give me opportunities to try new products and isn't it just great? As you probably know by now, I'm a Clinique person. Clinique foundations, powders and eye liners are the few of their products I can't live without. I've tried other products but I keep coming back to my ever reliable Clinique!

So, everytime I see that Clinique offers gift packs, I'm like a little child longing for most awaited sweets or toys hahahahahaha! It sounds a bit sad but there you go hahahahaha!

Anyway, let me show you the generous gifts I got with my latest purchases :)

I think sis Nikki (askmewhats) will agree with me that the clinique take the day off eye make up remover is reliable

A generous gift :)

I sweep this bronzer from my temple, right below my cheekbones into my jaw lines creating the number 3 stroke then I apply my blusher. If you haven't done it yet, why don't you try it?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

FOTD: Charge Cherry lipstick by Avon and Falsies mascara by Maybelline

As promised previously, I am going to share an FOTD wearing my new make up. Yes, my new acquired Avon and Maybelline make up. Let me know what you think :)

To end this post, let me share a tip that I discovered recently. I don't know if this has already done by anyone. This is to do with applying foundation and pressed powder. In this FOTD, I applied my Clinique Superfit Make Up about 10 minutes after my moisturisers (no primer used). After applying my foundation, I took a sheet of facial tissue and placed it over my face then pressed it gently (doing this all over my face and neck) to absorb the moist from my foundation, then applied my Clinique Almost Powder and Clinique Super Powder Double Face Powder by patting gently all over my face and neck then used my Jemma Kidd Foundation brush (similar to my MAC 187)to buff and blend my face powders. Viola! I lovely finish and great coverage. Note: when patting my foundation with facial tissue, it absorbed the moist without disturbing the coverage of the foundation that I applied. I find this the easy way to prevent my foundation from melting throughout the day and my make up didn't cake at all. I hope this helps :)