Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Necessities

Losing my pair my Gucci gloves left me devestated for a few days. I was absolutely gutted! I couldn't believe it happened to me!!!

Lesson learned: Never go to work with my expensive and favourite stuff specially when I'm on my night shift as I tend to nod off on the bus :(

Well, looking at the bright side of it... someone had early Christmas present.

So, to make myself a bit better for losing one of my precious possessions was to get another pair. So there was I finding myself heading to my favourite designer outlet (I love this shop because I managed to build a good relationship with their members of staff and they always look after me very well everythime I visit them). They didn't had any Gucci gloves on stock so I opted for a pair of Prada and they were a great choice and they're lovely! They keep my mits warm specially now that we're having a dreadful winter.

What about you? How's the Christmas season treating you in your end? xxx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Clarins Gift Promo

Hello again guys!!!

I think most of you who have been reading my blog would probably have worked out how I love freebies ;)

Anyway, as I was running out of my make up removers, I visited my favourite outlet (Boots of course!) and I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that Clarins was offering bonus skin care products for purchase of 2 or more items. So I took it as an opportunity to grab my necessities.

My ever reliable make up remover. It really is great for lifting make up off my skin when it comes to removing my make up. I've tried the eye make up remover as well and I can say that it is my new favourite cleansing product.

Who can resist this generous gift?

Monday, 1 November 2010

Clinique Bonus Time

I just love freebies!!! Who doesn't? Well, once again, Clinique is having their 'bonus time' promo for purchase of 2 products but one has to be a skin care. For a skin fanatic like me, this is always a good deal. My bf says that I'm an adverstiser's dream which I probably can't deny. Everytime my bf and I walk around shops, he could tell when something excites me as my jaw drops hahahahaha! I'd stand infront of it with amazement and then I'll start calculating if I could afford it... I'm barred from using my credit cards. I can only use my credit cards for emergency purposes and that doesn't include fulfilling my beauty and pampering wishes.

Anyway, the photos below includes my new Clinique purchase and gifts :)

My recent favourite eye make up remover and my ever reliable face powder
Of course! The gift!!!
Two of my beauty must have

Generous gift

I love this bronzer! I sometimes use this as a blusher. It's gawgeous!!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Cardiff Castle

A few months ago, we visited Cardiff to celebrate our 4th anniversary and one of the places we visited was the Cardiff Castle by the Butes.

I'd say, that the castle, although it has now been handed over by the Butes to the people of Cardiff, they've maintained the charm of it. I suppose, castles like these in any countries should be kept preserved as part of our heritage. The castle is amazingly huge that after climbing spiral stairs upon spiral stairs... I came to the point where I turned to my partner and said... One more of that and I'm going to scream! I do question my fitness sometimes.

Anyway, this is not intended to be a 'moaning post' so please browse through the photos below and I hope you enjoy it!

Are you ready? Now... Glitz & Glamour takes you to Cardiff Castle!!! Have fun!!!

Not your average nursery

Fact: This room designed to accommodate ladies whilst they waited for their lords and masters is worth £15M. I entertain my girlfriends in my very own boudoir. It didn't cost me that much hahahahaha!

I'll have Katherine Jenkins here singing beautifully whilst I dine with my guests... yeah, the beauty bloggers hahahahaha!

You'd think they'll have much bigger bed than this one. Hmmm...!

Just pop in a whirlpool bath and off you go!

I personally won't want a mirror on the ceiling... Easy tiger!

Ancient loo?

La Prairie Anti-Ageing Foundation

Hello again my dearies....

Well, well, well... it's been ages since the last time I have posted any beauty products and it's because of my hectic work and social schedules. I have not been 'big' on beauty shopping this year I must admit which probably have been the reason why I've not been able to update my blog. My monthly shopping has been more on my usual stuff such us Clinique moisturizers and beauty powders and pencils and since I've already been posting them numbers of times, I though I won't bother sharing them again.

Anyway, enough of lame excuses hahahahaha!

Have you already tried La Prairie products? What do you think of them? I once found myself in the counter and got tempted of buying one of their skin care regime but I've been strong enough to resist it! (Pats my shoulder). I'd say that La Prairie products looks very luxurious specially the packaging. However, the price is pretty steep for me specially that I'm saving for a much bigger project.

Anyway, I've seen their foundation on magazines being recommended by beauty columnists that I headed to the counter near me and grab a few samples to try. As I really liked the samples that were given to me that I went back to grab my first ever La Prairie foundie. Being a shopper like me who's eyes are always on freebies, I've also managed to leave the counter with a few samples *wink wink... nudge nudge...

Originally, I was planning to buy the one with caviar but I opted for the much cheaper option. (£117 for caviar and £60 for the one I've got). I think the one I've got suits my skin better (another lame excuse hahahaha!).

Gracie's verdict:
This foundie is great! Best result is achieved when applied using sponge. I've tried applying this using my fingers and foundation brush. I only need a pea size to cover my entire face and neck so although it is quite expensive, it does last well. It doesn't cake and finished with my ever reliable Clinique double powder, I enjoy a flawless look all day.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

My 4th Anniversary Present

Hello again guys!!! I hope you all are doing well!!!

As mentioned a while ago on my previous post, bf and myself have celebrated our 4th anniversary last July. I just thought I'd share with you the present he gave me. I'm telling you, I didn't expect to get this much for the occasion but I did... bless...! He does something that surprises me when I least expect it every now and then :)

Anyway, just a little story of what happened and how I luckily got this. We were walking around town centre on his birthday (the week before our anniversary), when we visited our favourite art gallery. As we were browsing through the paintings on display we came across this and both our pairs of eyes were nailed on this particular piece. We have been looking at 'the right' painting for my bodoir that I intend to redecorate after 2014 (I've got much bigger project that I have to wait that long). I'd love to turn it a nice make up studio :) and my bf has already given me a permission to do just that. Anyway, back to painting. The gallery manager has been kind enough to get this piece (pictures below) from the basement and we looked at it for a few minutes. I remember saying... 'ooohhhh... that's beautiful!' and my bf who was sitting right behind me said... 'we're having it!'. Just like that! Well, I had a feeling that we were going to get it but not that particular moment specially that it was his day. I was absolutely happy on our way home thinking that I had my very own Fabian Perez piece. Alright, not to get too excited about it... it's not an original piece because the original one has already been sold for £18,500. So what we got is a limited print and it is hand embellished. One of these days, we do plan of getting a Fabian Perez original piece :)

Celina Con Abanico II

Isn't she gorgeous?

At the moment, this beauty is in our living room but will be moving to my very own bodoir soon as it's redecorated.
Till next time guys...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I Miss Blogging...!

Hello again my dear friends!!! Gosh! I feel so sad that I've not been able to update my blog for over couple of months. My poor blogsite must be feeling absolutely neglected. Never mind... I'll try to publish new post more often from now on. I've also been missing browsing through other beauty bloggers pages no wonder I feel left behind when it comes to new make up and pampering trends not to mention the events that our sisters here have been attending. They are just fabulous and make me feel jealous (in a good way of course). Anyway, I think it's about time to inject a bit of glam into my less exciting life at the moment. I'm telling you, there's nothing exciting about being a workaholic but then again I love the pleasure of having choices it gives me hahahaha!

Anyway, I've got a few things to share so watch this space. :)

I miss and love you all guys...!

Till next time...

Your Gracie xxx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

4th Anniversary Celebration: Dinner Date

One of the things we love about short breaks are the dinners we treat ourselves and since it was out anniversary celebration, we had even more excuse to enjoy the most of it. Of course, special dinners means dressing up (the part I love the most ;)). Whilst I was contemplating of what to wear for the short trip, I thought of the dress that sis Nikki of askmewhats sent me last year (if I remember it right. This special sister of mine sent me a lot of things already hahahahaha!). The first time I saw the dress I thought it really was revealing and I never thought I'd ever get chance to wear it. This is one of those dresses that requires a right place, time and occasion to wear. I honestly not very adventurous when it comes to dressing up. My style is more like comfortable and safe and honestly, there is nothing safe and comfortable about this dress specially for a flat chested like me hahahahaha! But then again, it hasn't stopped me thanks to body tapes hahahahahaha!

I'm honestly convinced that this dress was more of a present to my bf than for myself ;). Sis Nikki, you definitely know how to make a man happy hahahahahaha! Thank you sis!!! Muah!!!

Anyway, I hope you don't laugh at the photos I've posted below and if you do... I'd fully understand hahahahahaha!

Nikki's dress paired with my Gucci heels!!!

Yummy Chateubriand!!!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Our 4th anniversary in Cardiff: First installment ;)

Hello guys! I'm back again!!! I hope you all are doing well!!! :)

Last week, my bf and I have celebrated our 4th anniversary and decided to spend it in Cardiff. As I need to be getting ready for work very soon, this is going to be a really short post so watch this space as I've got a lot more photos and stories/experiences to share.

See you soon guys!!!

Below were the photos we took on the day that we arrived Cardiff.

I would've never known it meant 'way out'

I lasted the day wearing these ever reliable 4 inches Gucci shoes!!!