Monday, 1 November 2010

Clinique Bonus Time

I just love freebies!!! Who doesn't? Well, once again, Clinique is having their 'bonus time' promo for purchase of 2 products but one has to be a skin care. For a skin fanatic like me, this is always a good deal. My bf says that I'm an adverstiser's dream which I probably can't deny. Everytime my bf and I walk around shops, he could tell when something excites me as my jaw drops hahahahaha! I'd stand infront of it with amazement and then I'll start calculating if I could afford it... I'm barred from using my credit cards. I can only use my credit cards for emergency purposes and that doesn't include fulfilling my beauty and pampering wishes.

Anyway, the photos below includes my new Clinique purchase and gifts :)

My recent favourite eye make up remover and my ever reliable face powder
Of course! The gift!!!
Two of my beauty must have

Generous gift

I love this bronzer! I sometimes use this as a blusher. It's gawgeous!!!


Askmewhats said...

Since I haven't bought anything Clinique for quite some time, the Bonus Time there look ssooooo good :)

Gracie said...

Sis, sometimes, they're even better. I guess due to recession, they also have to cut back on freebies but then again, it's still generous of them to give away a few things for girls like us to try xxx