Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Cardiff Castle

A few months ago, we visited Cardiff to celebrate our 4th anniversary and one of the places we visited was the Cardiff Castle by the Butes.

I'd say, that the castle, although it has now been handed over by the Butes to the people of Cardiff, they've maintained the charm of it. I suppose, castles like these in any countries should be kept preserved as part of our heritage. The castle is amazingly huge that after climbing spiral stairs upon spiral stairs... I came to the point where I turned to my partner and said... One more of that and I'm going to scream! I do question my fitness sometimes.

Anyway, this is not intended to be a 'moaning post' so please browse through the photos below and I hope you enjoy it!

Are you ready? Now... Glitz & Glamour takes you to Cardiff Castle!!! Have fun!!!

Not your average nursery

Fact: This room designed to accommodate ladies whilst they waited for their lords and masters is worth £15M. I entertain my girlfriends in my very own boudoir. It didn't cost me that much hahahahaha!

I'll have Katherine Jenkins here singing beautifully whilst I dine with my guests... yeah, the beauty bloggers hahahahaha!

You'd think they'll have much bigger bed than this one. Hmmm...!

Just pop in a whirlpool bath and off you go!

I personally won't want a mirror on the ceiling... Easy tiger!

Ancient loo?


Askmewhats said...

Wow sis, I've never been to a real life castle, the photos are gorgeous! The real life LOO is classic!!!!

herroyalbleakness said...

the architecture on that Welsh castle is so breathtaking! browsing through your pics is just so surreal, i feel like a princess now.

thanks for sharing your trip to Cardiff!

Shen said...

I've always been in awe of castles.. I think its really romantic but just imagine the lack of tech in it, right? :) hehehe!

Gracie said...

@ askmewhats: Thank you sis! Yes, a classic loo hahahahaha!

@ herroyalbleakness: I know what you mean sis! It's just beautiful, isn't it? Yes, it does make you feel like a princess specially when you're on top of one of the towers hahahahaha!

@ Shen: True sis! But hey! With the current technology that I can imagine will only get better in years to come... nothing is impossible. Why don't we build a modern castle for beauty bloggers hahahahaha!