Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I Miss Blogging...!

Hello again my dear friends!!! Gosh! I feel so sad that I've not been able to update my blog for over couple of months. My poor blogsite must be feeling absolutely neglected. Never mind... I'll try to publish new post more often from now on. I've also been missing browsing through other beauty bloggers pages no wonder I feel left behind when it comes to new make up and pampering trends not to mention the events that our sisters here have been attending. They are just fabulous and make me feel jealous (in a good way of course). Anyway, I think it's about time to inject a bit of glam into my less exciting life at the moment. I'm telling you, there's nothing exciting about being a workaholic but then again I love the pleasure of having choices it gives me hahahaha!

Anyway, I've got a few things to share so watch this space. :)

I miss and love you all guys...!

Till next time...

Your Gracie xxx

1 comment:

Askmewhats said...

can't wait to read your posts dear! haven't been chatting with you for quite some time, na miss kita!