Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Necessities

Losing my pair my Gucci gloves left me devestated for a few days. I was absolutely gutted! I couldn't believe it happened to me!!!

Lesson learned: Never go to work with my expensive and favourite stuff specially when I'm on my night shift as I tend to nod off on the bus :(

Well, looking at the bright side of it... someone had early Christmas present.

So, to make myself a bit better for losing one of my precious possessions was to get another pair. So there was I finding myself heading to my favourite designer outlet (I love this shop because I managed to build a good relationship with their members of staff and they always look after me very well everythime I visit them). They didn't had any Gucci gloves on stock so I opted for a pair of Prada and they were a great choice and they're lovely! They keep my mits warm specially now that we're having a dreadful winter.

What about you? How's the Christmas season treating you in your end? xxx