Tuesday, 21 July 2009



11 years ago, at exactly 04.18 a gorgeous baby boy was born. although he was born 3 weeks premature, he turned out to be a healthy bouncing baby although tiny at 7.5 pounds. One of the happiest days of my life ever.

Today, is his 11th birthday and it starts to worry me becaues he seem to be growing up so quick! I don't think I'd ever let go of him as my baby so we had a pact that even when he's 90 years old, he will always be my baby. Although I try to be 'a cool mummy', he always say that I'm a great one but he's not sure about being 'cool'. I blame it on the time when I had to tell him off for doing things he knew he should've not done.

Being mum is the best job in the world no matter how tricky and challenging. I feel ever so lucky to have been gifted such a beautiful, loving, affectionate, clever, caring son. When were together, we tell each other 'I love you' several times a day. Sometimes when I'm busy on my housework, he comes to me to tell me how much he loves me and gives a kiss on my cheeks!... something I'll miss when he grows up and leaves home eventually.

Nearly everyday, I look at his old photos both on my pc and photo albums, and just looking how much he has grown puts a smile on my face. Being a single mum in a foriegn land, no matter how hard things got for me, the thought that I've got a beautiful son I love so dearly makes every effort worth while.

To my dear Sammy, I just want to greet you a happy happy birthday and I wish you all the best the world has to offer. As your mum, never forget, I'd always be here for you and there is nothing I wouldn't do to give you the best that i could. I love you baby! You will always be my baby.

So, today my friends, let me share with you a few photos I have randomly picked and posted. I'm sure that there are some proud parents out there like myself and my message to all of you is never to stop telling your children you love them... it really mean so much!!!

This photo was taken for the Evening Post. He has also been featured on BBC regional news but I left the video file on my old laptop I gave my sister 3 years ago. Typical!

Sam on red vroom vroom!!!

Sam at 11 months old

Grumpy Sam when he was 1 year and a half. The studio was dark and hot... he hated it!

Sam in the Lake District... One of my favourite photos of his.

A few minutes after he was born. I wish I was there to see when this was being done... I was left in the delivery room with my OB Gyne. My sister was there though and she managed to take great photos. Camera was part of my baby suitcase, would you believe that?

Sam on his Christening... How many 21 days baby you know who can cut their own cake? Clever eh? There was I, looking... well... healthy!

At friend's Christening we attended. That little girl wouldn't leave Sam alone even during the reception.

Finally, Sam practicing to be a graduant. Taken during my graduation day.

Sunday, 5 July 2009



Hello once again!!! :)

What can I tell you? Well, let me start with this one...

I truly am happy and excited about the result that I continue to get in terms of treating my spots that has been a great agony for about 5 days (as mentioned previously on my older post). Now, I won't have to worry about it (touch wood!)

I jsut thought I'd share with you a post treatment FOTD to show you how much it has cleared my skin in 2-3 weeks after starting with the treatment.

Scarlet by Estee Lauder
I love this lipstick!

I've used my old Clinique eye palette in Spice to create my neautral eye make up

Spots all gone!!! Woo hooo!!!!

I've already got a few red lipstick but I'm still on my mission to find a red one with a hint of orange in it. Suggestions anyone? It'll be much appreciated... Cheers!!!



Hello again guys!

On my way home after dropping my little boy at school, I popped in Boots to grab some body moisturizers and my eyedrops when I noticed that Estee Lauder was offering gifts again! So I went to the counter and grabbed couple of items to get the gift. Well, not that I'm sort of beauty addict in a budget, I might as well take the opportunity to grab a few freebies. No, it wasn't an excuse to shop, I really need them ;)

The beauty consultant was wering this and I was like... 'I want, I want, I want!!!

This is a great stuff!

My fabulous gift and purchases


I love this too! It's a generous size for a gift at 15ml

Beautiful colours of lip palette

Pretty stuff



Hello again guys! I hope you all had a great weekend :)

I thought I'd share with you a great anti-acne treament that I have discoverd because it really worked for me and what more? It never stopped me from wearing my make up throughout the treatment. For those of you who have acne prone skin, I hope this post will help.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I piggest out on chocolates (really, I ate the whole 230g of Cadburry's whole nut chocolate on one go and after a very short while, the left side of my forehead down my temple started tingling it was covered in inflamed spots. I was nearly crying because I just couldn't stand that pulsating pain that my spots caused me. So straight away, I phoned my GP who wasn't able to see me until 5 days later. As you can imagine, I was in complete agony for 5 days. Not only that it looked hideous but it really was darn painful! My bf shouted at me for pigging out on chocolate and ruining my skin. He said that I spend a fortune on skin care just to ruin it by binging on chocolates so I'm banned from it at the moment and can only have a little when there are occasions. A girl without chocolate? How am I gonna cope with that? The fact is; now that I'm banned from chocolates, I crave for it even more. Grrrrr!

Anyway, as I saw my GP, he prescribed me Zineryt and it really is a miracle worker. It contains antibiotics (Erythromycin), which accelerates the treatment process and although it stings a bit when I use it (I still use it now everytime I feel that there's one coming). The thing is, if you start using this, you have to continue using it for 7 days even if the spots have gone, just to make sure that the microbes don't build resistance against this antibiotics. One bottle of this treatment can be used for 21 days only and after that, you have to discard it even if it still contains some.

A great miracle worker!

This photo was taken whilst I was going through treatment. Some of the spots have calm down and managed to cover them with make up.

If you have acne prone skin like mine, you might ask your doctor to prescribe this to you. If you haven't tried it yet, it might work for you the way it did for me. I hope this helps.

Thursday, 2 July 2009



Hello guys!!! I hope you all are having fabulous summer. It has been hot where I am for the past few weeks now and it's getting a little too much for me. Working in the middle of hot weather has been a little comfortable whether working during the day or night. As much as I am extremely excited about going back to the Philippines to see my family and friends, I am also dreading the fact that it is going to be very very hot. I remember going to Orlando, Florida in August 2004 where I ended up crying on the gutter whilst we were queuing to get on one of the rides in the Enchanted Kingdom. I cried like a baby because it was too hot for me and believe me, it wasn't a pretty sight... I was soooo embarassed!

Anyway, enough of me moaning... let's get on with this thing ;) Well... well... well... I can't tell you how excited I am about posting these products. I absolutely adore them and I've been so excited about sharing them to you in the past month that I have not posted. Sorry about that guys...

As I have mentioned on one of my older posts, I have been looking for a lifting serum that I could use as an alternative to my La Mer Lifting Face Serum and guess what I found...! Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex by Estee Lauder. Although I've been seeing this for a while in shops and has been getting this with my previous Estee Lauder purchases where I got gift packs, I've never thought of trying it out until I read on my beauty mag a recommendation... Apparently, according to Anastacia Achillos, who's perfected Gwyneth Paltrow's skin, "This radiance-booster is legendary among skincare addicts as you get instant results". As some of you who have read my previous post, you probably have already worked out that I'm mad about skincare. So, I raided a few vanity bags where I stuff all the cosmetic items that I don't use and found a few 7ml bottles. A 7ml bottle lasted me over a week and used it both morning and night time. Really is a great value and I was amazed with the result. I'm not saying that this is as good as La Mer Face Lifting Serum but for the price, which is about 3x more expensive than Advanced Night Repair, there is a competition. I'll be reviewing this soon. Please bear with me :)

Anyway, please feel free to browse through my little haul :)

I use this during the night after cleansing my face with La Mer Tonic and before applying my moisturizer. Apparently, our skin repairs from 11pm antil 3am and this suppose to accelerate that process according to the beauty consultant at the Estee Lauder couter.

I use this during the day after cleansing my face and before applying my moisturizer. I love the velvet feeling that I get as I apply my moisturizer on top of this.

My ever generous gift pack

My new skincare potions plus gifts ;)

As I'm running out of my Creme de la Mer face moisturizer, I thought I'd try their Time Zone and Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex to replace my La Mer Eye concentrate. I will be reviewing these products in the near future too... Promise! :) xxx

Till next post... TTFN...!