Thursday, 2 July 2009



Hello guys!!! I hope you all are having fabulous summer. It has been hot where I am for the past few weeks now and it's getting a little too much for me. Working in the middle of hot weather has been a little comfortable whether working during the day or night. As much as I am extremely excited about going back to the Philippines to see my family and friends, I am also dreading the fact that it is going to be very very hot. I remember going to Orlando, Florida in August 2004 where I ended up crying on the gutter whilst we were queuing to get on one of the rides in the Enchanted Kingdom. I cried like a baby because it was too hot for me and believe me, it wasn't a pretty sight... I was soooo embarassed!

Anyway, enough of me moaning... let's get on with this thing ;) Well... well... well... I can't tell you how excited I am about posting these products. I absolutely adore them and I've been so excited about sharing them to you in the past month that I have not posted. Sorry about that guys...

As I have mentioned on one of my older posts, I have been looking for a lifting serum that I could use as an alternative to my La Mer Lifting Face Serum and guess what I found...! Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex by Estee Lauder. Although I've been seeing this for a while in shops and has been getting this with my previous Estee Lauder purchases where I got gift packs, I've never thought of trying it out until I read on my beauty mag a recommendation... Apparently, according to Anastacia Achillos, who's perfected Gwyneth Paltrow's skin, "This radiance-booster is legendary among skincare addicts as you get instant results". As some of you who have read my previous post, you probably have already worked out that I'm mad about skincare. So, I raided a few vanity bags where I stuff all the cosmetic items that I don't use and found a few 7ml bottles. A 7ml bottle lasted me over a week and used it both morning and night time. Really is a great value and I was amazed with the result. I'm not saying that this is as good as La Mer Face Lifting Serum but for the price, which is about 3x more expensive than Advanced Night Repair, there is a competition. I'll be reviewing this soon. Please bear with me :)

Anyway, please feel free to browse through my little haul :)

I use this during the night after cleansing my face with La Mer Tonic and before applying my moisturizer. Apparently, our skin repairs from 11pm antil 3am and this suppose to accelerate that process according to the beauty consultant at the Estee Lauder couter.

I use this during the day after cleansing my face and before applying my moisturizer. I love the velvet feeling that I get as I apply my moisturizer on top of this.

My ever generous gift pack

My new skincare potions plus gifts ;)

As I'm running out of my Creme de la Mer face moisturizer, I thought I'd try their Time Zone and Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex to replace my La Mer Eye concentrate. I will be reviewing these products in the near future too... Promise! :) xxx

Till next post... TTFN...!


becky said...

wow so many cool products. i remember, over here in the States, they were giving away the night repair serum for free. I got one and gave it to my mom. Im gonna get it back now and try it lol.

Gracie said...

Hahahahaha! I don't blame you sis hahahahahaha! xxx

Khymm said...

nice haul gracie! is Estee Lauder expensive there in the UK? =)

Gracie said...

Thank you sis! I won't say they're expensive sis. That's why I like them because they are affordable and I'm happy with the quality. xxx