Wednesday, 1 July 2009


EDINBURGH TRIP (3rd Anniversary Celebration)

Hello everyone!!! Gosh!!! I missed you all! I missed blogging! I'm absolutely sorry for not being able to update my blog for over a month. I could hardly believe it myself! Anyway, it's nice to be back!!!

As a come back post, I thought I'd share with you our 3 nights trip to Edinburgh to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (3 years! Phew!)

Glitz & Glamour takes you to the magnificent Edinburgh this time.

Are you sitting comfortably? ;)

Edinburgh... What can I tell yo about the city? No, the right question would be... Where and how do i start telling you about Edinburgh?

Well, Edinburgh is a beautiful city and I was amazed on how everything looked... how the buildings looked... being old and yet pristine! The simplest way that I could describe the city is that... it is an old city built in beautiful architecture of bricks and steps. I'm not very good with steps, I'm telling you and the trip made me realize how unfit I am.

We spent the whole trip walking around random places... we didn't use maps or anything... instead we explored the place with open mind and it really was a great thrill for both of us even with the fact that my bf worked there for a few months in the past.

The Photos... Warning!!! I thought the photos came out fab and I couldn't decide which ones to post so I've decided to post most of them. Please feel free to browse through...

The Scottish Parliament...
As we walked down the road from a small cafe where we grabbed teas and cakes, we came across this and I thought it looked unusual compared to other buildings. My bf told me that it might have been the Scottish Parliament and the the only way to find out was to walk in front of it (Yep, nothing to indicate which building it was until we reached the front of it).

The Scottish Parliament...
This was one of the sides of the buliding as we walked towards the front.

Mother Earth Museum...
We didn't bother having a look inside as it was getting late
Some fit blokes in uniform ;)

My bf said this was the Scottish equivalent of the Wesminster in England (Did I get it right? Oh, I've been getting things wrong these days)

The Scottish Parliament...
The front of the building... It turned out to be an over budget building that that media has gone gaga at some points

We didn't bother going in either as the security looked really tight (not that we were carrying anything, it was just running late for us)

Shop where you could find replicas of the royalty stuff you'll find at the Buckingham Palace. I was going to get a tub of hand cream but it wasn't as nice as I thought it was going to be. No shopping for me this time

Holyrood House Palace...
The official Scottish residence of Her Majesty The Queen

Bloke in Kilt...
This is for you sis Nikki! Sorry sis, I didn't see any fitter bloke in kilt. I threw in a bagpipe for you as well sis hahahahaha!

Edinburgh Castle

Me looking scruffy after over 4 hours of travelling in a train

My honeybunch! ;)

FREEDOM!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm doing the Braveheart bit ;)

Taken from Starbucks Cafe whilst we stopped for refreshments

Taken from the Art Gallery's restaurant whilst we grabbed some lunch before heading back home. We've been lucky that the 3 days we've been in Edinburgh has been bright, warm and sunny until the last day when it started raining.

I hope you've enjoyed the photos... till next time!


Ailurophile said...

Wonderful pictures, all of them. Glad that you enjoyed your time in Edinburgh. My three elder siblings spent much of their childhood there and are quite fond of it :)

Gracie said...

Hiya! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Yeah, I love it there! :) x

jinxbea said...

HI Sis! Wow... looks like you had a nice time.... Edinburgh was beautiful.....

Neil had a hair... looks nice on him..... give my regards to both Neil and Sam!

Gracie said...

Thank you sis! Hahahahaha! You noticed his hair! We are all looking forward to meeting you and your family in August sis. xxx