Wednesday, 14 July 2010

4th Anniversary Celebration: Dinner Date

One of the things we love about short breaks are the dinners we treat ourselves and since it was out anniversary celebration, we had even more excuse to enjoy the most of it. Of course, special dinners means dressing up (the part I love the most ;)). Whilst I was contemplating of what to wear for the short trip, I thought of the dress that sis Nikki of askmewhats sent me last year (if I remember it right. This special sister of mine sent me a lot of things already hahahahaha!). The first time I saw the dress I thought it really was revealing and I never thought I'd ever get chance to wear it. This is one of those dresses that requires a right place, time and occasion to wear. I honestly not very adventurous when it comes to dressing up. My style is more like comfortable and safe and honestly, there is nothing safe and comfortable about this dress specially for a flat chested like me hahahahaha! But then again, it hasn't stopped me thanks to body tapes hahahahahaha!

I'm honestly convinced that this dress was more of a present to my bf than for myself ;). Sis Nikki, you definitely know how to make a man happy hahahahahaha! Thank you sis!!! Muah!!!

Anyway, I hope you don't laugh at the photos I've posted below and if you do... I'd fully understand hahahahahaha!

Nikki's dress paired with my Gucci heels!!!

Yummy Chateubriand!!!


Askmewhats said...

*whistles* WHOOOOOHHH!! hahahha I can't get over this! I was even thinking you wouldn't wear this on its own, where's the tube top? Neil hid it I'm sure! LOL Glad you enjoyed the dress and the dinner!

Gracie said...

Hahahahahaha! Sis! No guts, no glory! Hahahahahahaha!

shatzlaine said...

nice! me no guts to wear that too..

Gracie said...

Sis, I'd only wear something like that with my bf around because I know that in anyway, I'll be safe. He's always prepared to stand and fight for my honour! Oh dear! Was it a song? Hahahaha!