Saturday, 22 November 2008



I have been feeling soooo frustrated lately because I've been finding it hard to find a dress that would make me say 'wow!' until this afternoon when my boyfriend has been patient enough to go around shop with me and waited to try a few dresses.

We found a few lovely dresses at Karen Millen and although I wanted to wear a black dress but when I saw and tried this one on... I just felt that it was a great dress. I was teasing my boyfriend on our way home by singing (yes, singing and not saying) that wearing the dress made me...'feel pretty... oh so pretty...!'. I think you know the song it was from ha ha ha! My boyfriend and I were laughing on our way home. It was a lovely shopping trip. Thank you so much honey :)

I actually bought 2 dresses but I had to have the other one altered because the shoulder strap was a tad too long for me. I'll post the other one soon as I've collected it :)

This dress fits me like a glove and you'll see what I mean when I post photo wearing it :) This dress was on sale... originally £225 but it cost me £150. The other one was £250 and wasn't on sale. Never mind.

Top front


Top back

I didn't intend to buy a new bag but this one grabbed me like crazy. It really is tiny... but who cares! It looks gorgeous... I'll be able to squeeze my lipstick and face powder in but then again, what else would I need for the night ;) This was £99 (not the most practical purchase I've ever made but then again, what the heck! ;))

Me and my boyfriend are looking forward to going to the party and I'm sure it'll be a great night :)


Vanessa M. said...


Askmewhats said...

YOU, sis , is definitely a WOMAN!!! You changed your mind so quickly LOL Where is the BLACK dress that I've been seeing?? Let's of 4 of them? LOL

But this color is so cute too! and it's on sale!! great job ...and yeah "YOU FEEL PRETTY..OH SO PRETTY.." Sad to say, I know that song! LOL

Gracie said...

Thank you Van! :)

Sis Nikki! Yeah! I've seen a few black dresses, haven't I? It was the last one I've shown you that I went for :) True! I'm not called a 'woman' for nothing ha ha ha!

Liz said...

fab.. as always! :-)

Gracie said...

Thank you Liz! :)