Wednesday, 3 December 2008



Hello guys! I'm back! Oh gosh... I've been so busy during our trip in London with shopping and shows. We didn't even had chance to visit some places that we planned to such as popping in to say 'hello' to the Queen ;) Well, it was really cold, dark and wet so it wasn't a great time to visit places. I very much prefer to stay indoors when it's freezing outside... hence shopping ***nudge nudge... wink wink***

The highlights of our recent London trip were shows, food and yeah, shopping! My boyfriend told me that it was my trip but next time would be his... meaning no shopping... doh! Never mind, I shouldn't be selfish really :)

Anyway, I've been so excited to share the things that I've picked up in London. Just be warned though as I must have over 80 photos below and might take you more than one visit to go through all them ha ha ha!

I hope you enjoy browsing through my new stuff :)


My new found make up at Harvey Nichols. I've decided not to get anything I could get in Nottingham but I just couldn't resist new MAC stuff

MAC eye set. I've never tried any falsies as I haven't got the faintest idea how to use them but hey, there's always the first time for everything :)

I've had Versce make up ages ago and decided to have them again

Gorgeous packaging or what?

Would you believe this was a gift? For every purchase of 2 or more items, you get to pick a present of yourr choice including skin care and perfume. I picked this lipstick out of the lot!

Lovely lipgloss

I've always wanted Armani make up but they're not available where I live so I took the opportunity of grabbing a few

I'd recommend these eyelashes curlers. If you like Shu Uemera, I'm sure you'll love these too! The price is about the same

I've never heard of this product but I got intrigued with the demo so I grabbed a few to try as well. They're not cheap so I hope they'll pay off ha ha ha! The foundation was £40

Another product that I've never heard of but I like the pink lipstick as it seem to look perfect for the dress tha tI'm wearing on Friday :)

My new make up haul :)

Now... there was my element ha ha ha! Shoe shopping!

I intended to to buy 2 pairs of designer shoes but indeed up with 5 plus 2 from Office

Jimmy Choos were not on my list but I don't mind having them as my substitute with the Manolos that I wanted originally

Another pair of sky scaper ;)

Who doesn't want a pair of Christian Louboutin?

Hot hot hot!!!

Another pair that were not on my list

I love Ferragamo shoes as they are comfortable and durable. I had a pair in the past that lasted me about 10 years even when I wore them almost everyday at work

A pair of sensible shoes

I'm never a fan of Office shoes but I bought a pair of flat shoes whilst I was aways because I hurt my ankles (surprise surprise!) so I got desperate enough to nip in Poste Mistress and bought the hideous flat you could ever imagine. Overnight, I couldn't get myself to like them so I had to return them the next day only to find out that they didn't do refund. I was given an Office credit note instead so went in the shop on our way to Harrods and found 2 pairs.

Comfy walking shoes... not me at all :(

A few addition to my designer shoe collection :)

New pairs of shoes!

During this trip, we went to see a couple of shows. We saw Chicago during our first night and Wicked on the second one. We didn't really enjoy Chicago and I thought it was a let down. I would never recommend this to anyone as I don't want to get blamed for it ;). I was hoping that it was Suzanne Shaw from Hearsay doing it but it wasn't. I thought it was going to be as good as the film (which I really enjoyed with Catherine Zeta Jones playing Velma Kelly and Renee Zelwegger as Roxy Hart), but it wasn't. Roxy Hart wasn't even blonde! The best thing about the show was Mama Morton played by Brenda Edwards from X-Factor 2005. I thought she was amazing and my boyfriend and I have agreed that she was the star of the show. I'd give the show 3 out of 10 only because I enjoyed Brenda Edwards' performance as Mama Morton. I must say, it was disappointing and didn't razzle dazzle me at... all...!
On the other hand... Wicked was just... wicked! What can I say? Great show, great story, great characters, great artists, great songs, great perfomance... a perfect show indeed! If I was struggling to find good things about Chicago... I couldn't find anything I didn't like about Wicked. All of the effects, sounds, lights... everything was just amazing. I'd definitely recommend this show 100% and will definitely be seeing it again... next time with my baby Sam as I'm sure he'll love it!
Another show that I'd recommend is We Will Rock You... I saw this 2 years ago when my boyfriend and I went to London. We saw it being shown and there were still tickets available so my boyfriend took me as my birthday present... sweet!

Of course my Wicked souveniers!

Grabbed these from HMV Harrods

That was my shopping trip. Phew! No wonder I'm this exhausted ha ha ha!


Anne @ said...

omg!!! my heart stopped when I saw your haul! it's so massive and sooooo pretty! Dang girl, you really indulged!! lol

I didn't know Versace had a makeup line. I don't I've seen it here in Cali. Let us know how you like the Armani and cover FX foundation though!

And your shoes!!!!! your shoess!!!!! your shoes are to die for! my faves are the red christian louboutins and the armanis. soooo cute!

ok i'm still trying to catch a breather looking at your haul.

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks Anne! :) Sure, I'll get you updated with the new products that I've got :)

Would it make you feel any better if I tell you that the Louboutins and Armanis are really comfortable to wear and they're the pairs of shoes you can definitely party all night!

Casey said...

Dang. How hot are your shoes woman! lol :-) My favourites were definitely the Ferragamos. How much were they btw? x

Jenni said...

I have some Versace lipstick too and I love it - its the prettiest red. I love Armani cosmetics too! I have some of their foundation that's awesome. But I heard that they test on animals, so until I research that further, I won't be buying any more. Cute stuff!

Anne @ said...

ahhhh they better be comfortable at that price tag. omgggggg don't tempt meeeee. we're in recession right now and designer kicks aren't even an option. I have to live it through you!

i prolly wont even wear it cuz it's too pretty to wear and get messsed up! LOL.

Gracie said...

>>>Casey>> Hiya, Casey! Thanks for stopping by my page. The medium heeled Ferragamos were around £270 and the 'flat' ones were £170 so I think they were reasonably priced for designer shoes :)

>>>Jenni>>> Thanks for stopping by Jenni! I used to buy Versace lipstick like sweets but I've stopped when I couldn't find them anywhere in town. I'm sorry about what you've found out on Armani make up. Let's hope they really aren't doing that :)

>>>Anne>>> Anne, you'd be very very surprised to try them on. They really are worth of every penny (or dime). I do love them and I'm sure you will too :)

Anne @ said...

haha oh man i'm not planning on getting $300 worth of la mer just to get the gift... let alone a single item from la mer. hahaha i'm saving up my shopping for the philippines since i'm going home for christmas! lol besides.. i dont have $300 to spare for skincare items. although it does look pretty sweet to me.

Gracie said...

Awww...! You're spending Christmas in the Philippines? Wow! I envy you! I was planning to do that until I found out that we're not allowed annual leave during Christmas and New Year's week. Hmmm... I wish I was somewhere warm this Christmas. It's freezing at my end. Brrrr!!!

Askmewhats said...

GIRL!!!! Eventhough I've seen these shots, I am still smiling looking at them! YOU SHOPPED SO MUCH and definitely this is YOUR TRIP! lol I can imagine your man carrying all those

enjoy your hauls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne @ said...

yea it was a last minute trip cuz my lolo is sick. i'm kinda excited in a way but i'm not going to be there for too long though.

man it's still pretty warm here for a winter season. i wish it was cold so it can snow already and I can boarding this season. ughh soo late!

Liz said...

oh God! this haul can make every woman drool! You sure know what you want and how to have fun, sis. I now can tell how I have been neglecting myself recently.

Gracie said...

>>>Nikki>>> Thank you sis! Yes, I'd definitely have a great fun playing with my new toys ;) Yeah, I did feels sorry for my boyfriend having to carry my hauls... I could never thank him enough :)

>>>Anne>>> Oh, Anne! Sorry to hear about your lolo! I hope he gets better soon. We had snow here in the the past 2 weeks and it's been absolutely freezing!

>>>Liz>>> Sometimes, we have to treat ourselves every now and then but I think I've gone over the top this time ha ha ha! It was like a panic buying for me ha ha ha!

iamsutil said...

damn REALLY shopped! i am not into shoes but seeing your haul makes me want them too! wahahhaa...i love the one from OFFICE, hehehe im boring i know. the other branded shoes you got are too lady-like for me. hehehhe but grabe, kaloka haul mo ate!

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Sis! Obvious ba panic buying ko? I don't particularly like Office shoes not because they're boring but because their designs are a bit too young for me. However, I must say that their shoes are very very you and if you ever go to one (if you haven't done yet), you'll know what I mean.

jamie said...

thats what i call HAUL!! wow..:) can you post pics naman of you wearing the items.:) yay..

Anne @ said...

e-mail me. so we can chat some more. I would e-mail you but I can't find it anywhere on your blog hehe.

Anne @ said...

e-mail me. so we can chat some more. I would e-mail you but I can't find it anywhere on your blog hehe.

Angela said...

I love your blog! You're just fabulous!

Gracie said...

Thank you Angela! xxx