Monday, 15 December 2008



As mentioned on my previous post, I am here showing you guys a couple of photos of me wearing my FX make up. I really love this make up and I cannot decide for myself what made me give such a high praise for these products. I think the 3 of them complement each other that they have to be worn altogether. I'm not an expert so what do I know? I'm merely expressing how I'm liking these make up :) and everything I say here are based on my presonal experience and opinion :)

Anyway, below are the photos I've taken after applying my FX Cover make up... of course... finished with my colours ;)

I love the finish the make up gives me... it provides a lovely coverage but maintaining that natural look. I didn't even wear concealer in this photo... that's how confident I feel about this make up grab.

These photos were taken the day after the Freemason party, hence I still looked tired in them :) (and felt it too :P)

To achieve this natural(ish) look, I used the following:
Step 1: After cleansing and moisturising I applied Skinprep FX Treatment and Priming Serum. This can be used in the morning and evening too (before going to bed).

Step 2: Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation. This foundation is really rich yet feels so light on my skin. I apply this by gradual layers until I'm happy with the coverage. I think this is one of those foundations that you'll find easy to control in terms of achieving the right coverage that suits our liking. Although this includes an applicator, I prefer to use my MAC foundation brush just like the way I use my other foundations.

Step 3: Setting FX Translucent Setting Powder. I don't think this is just an ordinary loose powder... it feels so light and silky on my face and leaves my skin feeling nourished too.

I really love this make up product and the only thing I could moan about it is that, it's not available where I live but available online, which isn't too bad. I believe they are available in Sephora (for those who live in the area covered by them) and Harvey Nichols (For those who live in the UK). The prices are slightly steeper than others but I guess, they'll last quite well.

Will I repurchase this again? Most definitely YES!


Askmewhats said...

sis! I love this coverage!!!! it looks great on you!!!! I know why you love it so much!!!

Gracie said...

Thank you sis! :) Ha ha ha! All of that raving I've been doing on YM ha ha ha! I'm still laughing at the last chat we had about a few minutes ago ha ha ha! Naughty sis Nikki!