Sunday, 21 December 2008


John Galliano is one of my favourite designers... everytime I think of Galliano... I think of Vivienne Westwood for some reasons. Could it be that it was Vivienne Westwood who paved the way for great designers such as Galliano and McQueen? Could be, right? What I love about these designers are their edgy creations... they do not conform what what and how things shoud be... instead, they speak their minds... they speak their minds through their creation and it's so exciting how their minds work. I think the fashion industry is lucky to have been graced by these true genius. Last year's catwalks have been exciting... I love the Vivienne Westwood latest Red Label Catwalk... simply amazing and to see it being featured on Sex And The City (The Movie) indeed made my day! :) McQueen's 'Dream Through The Glass' was absolutely out of this world. I love Kate Moss (I don't care what people say about her), that I was on the edge of my seat when I saw her come out on the catwalk... Remarkable indeed and made my night viewing something to remember!

Oooopppsss... I got carried away with my love of fashion... sorry folks :P

I only meant to say that I love the very first John Galliano perfume and I can't wait to get hold of one. My friend who works as a representative for exclusive perfume (including Westwood, Agent Provocateur and of course the newest Galliano), made me try this perfume and I soooo love it. She's told my boyfriend when they're launching it (YES! time for Valentines Day ;))

I do love the packaging of this new perfume and would definitely look gorgeous with my other collection... Hmmmm... I'm sooo excited already!

Before I go... I'd leave you with one of my favourite catwalk... tell me what you think of it... Watching this clip always gives me chills and goosebumps... it simply is a stunning creation... it not Galliano but it's Alexander's McQueen with Kate Moss as her muse.

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