Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Armani Make Up: 2nd Trial


Sis Nikki (askmewhat) has been asking me to post a photo (yes, A PHOTO but I'm posting PHOTOS instead :P) of me wearing my Armani make up without looking like Morticia Adams. We have been chatting about my new make up on YM (yeah, although we tend to digress from that just like this morning... great thing about sis Nikki, we're both spontaneous... we can change our topic without warning each other and it all flow smoothly) so here I am doing exactly what I've been ASKED to do. Ha ha ha! Sis Nikki, it's a pleasure to grant your request... really! :)

I've used about a quarter of the amount of foundation I used on my Morticia Adams make up ;)
I think my trip to London has paid off as I'm loving all of the make up that I've grabbed ;)
Apologies for my outfit... it's absolutely freezing here hence the jumper and cardie :(

I've been having a few break out of random spots (as you can see on my cheek) but this foundation really has managed to hide those discolorations and uneven skin tone. Good buy indeed!

Versace Lipgloss
So, what do you think sis Nikki? Do you like it or not? Yes, it's a question and I demand an answer :P


Askmewhats said...

i love it, now I had a hard time choosing between the Armani or the Cover FX, whatever you use, both looks perfect! I would say, they are the best I've seen, others are great, but the Armani and FX makes a HUGE difference. hmmm...now scrolling up and down the photo, my favorite would be...... this one!!! ARmani!!!! :D Yay, I made a decision!

It was nice chatting with you, we are CRAZY!!!! Lol

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Sis, thanks for giving me your honest opinion :) Yeah, I'd say Armani is great if you really want to to achieve that flawless look. All you need is a little amount to get a good coverage. On the other hand, FX I'd say is great for daily use as it gives that natural looking finish.

Sis, I could never stop laughing everytime I think of what you just said before you went home... it was soooo funny! Ha ha ha! Chat to you again soon sis. Muah!

Askmewhats said...

oh yeah, definitely the flawless but "on special" day look! Come on sis! you're still thinking about it coz you're considering it right? LOL I can't help laughing as well! We'll chat again tomorrow! :) Have a great afternoon or evening there? Now I'm confused! lol I have to go to sleep now! Babooosshhh

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Yes sis, I was going to say that I won't be using my Armani make up for everyday look specially when I've still got loads of others to finish off.

Ha ha ha! I won't dare do it sis just incase I get turned down ha ha ha! I will definitely be harassing you for early morning chat sis... Goodnight to you! It's 14.45 here so it's still afternoon although it's starting to look dark outside already... Winter!!!

reynakatarayan said...

love it better than the previous one. A little bias cause im into neutrals..hehehe..
but it looks so pretty on you!

Gracie said...

Thank you Debi! (reynakatarayan). Yeah, I love neutrals too! :)