Monday, 28 April 2008

Welcome to my vanity corner

In every household, we have our own favourite room, corner, floor... etc... etc... Mine is my kitchen, where I cook and bake yummy food, my bathroom which is my sanctuary and my bedroom (my other sanctuary), where I take my beauty rest (as if), and make myself... well... sort of... beautiful (Don't raise your eyebrows... beauty is in the eyes of the beholder).

I'd like to be organized and I hate doing things where I find myself looking for things. I'd like them to be within my reach... I'd like to find things where I think they are... I hate turning things upside down just to find something that I'd like to use. So, as you can see, my dressing table looks... well... pretty busy. I'd like everything to be infront of me... If I need something, I'd like it to be there... readily available. I'd also like to keep this area clean and tidy... It may not be as exciting as your own but it gives me pleasure whenever I look at this corner. This is me... everything in this table tells story about me... So feel free to browse... You have my permission :)

These are my mood boxes... whenever I feel sad and all alone :(... I look at them and they make me feel better. I copied this idea from my son when he was about 4. I found him one day fixing a shoe box... He had some colourful and glittery things with him and when I asked him what he was doing, he said... he was making his mood box. Then he explained to me what it meant... He said... He wanted his box to be as pretty as it could be because there were times when he felt lonely (being an only child... Yeah, they call it 'only child syndrome') that he needed something to cheer him up. After he fixed his 'mmod box' with all the decorations and stuff... he filled it with his favourite things... Things that made made him happy. I thought it was really sweet for a 4 year old boy to come up with the idea. H emight have taken the idea from somewhere else but I just don't remember asking him where. Well, I thought it's a bloody marvelous idea so I thought, I'll have my own too!

I've been trying to manage with just one box (my Estee Lauder vanity case), but I've been buying quite a lot of stuff recently so I found a good use for my Ted Baker box (shirt) whilst I'm waiting for my make-up train case to arrive.

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