Monday, 28 April 2008

My Sunday shopping spree (shopping marathon more like it!)

Hmmm... more shopping!

Well, I thought it was going to be a quiet Sunday efternoon with my boyfriend but... It turned out not to be so quiet :)... We've decided to walk around Nottingham High Street and ended up spending more dosh on stuff... Well, I felt happy at the end of that afternoon shopping because I came home with such fantastic loot!

So, here were the stuff we found... Ta...dah!

My boyfriend saw MacQueen boutique and got intrigued that he led me there. I try to avoid boutiques when I'm on a budget as they tend to be expensive but with my boyfriend leading me... I thought... what the heck! I didn't plan to buy dress yesterday by the way and came out the boutique with 2 dresses and a basque.

I really liked this little black dress. Very very Audrey Hepburn indeed! I thought, I can wear this on my friend's wedding reception in June.


My boyfriend didn't particularly like this one but I felt in love with it. The colour is gorgeous! I've even tried it with my flared jeans and looked fabulous!

Now! When we saw this... it looked really great but the price was a bit steep (£139.00...specially when I was on a budget to start with). When I've decided to buy the two dresses my boyfriend asked me to try this basque on, which I declined at first but her was persistent... He said... just for a laugh. So, I tried it on to keep him quiet ;)... Hah! I really liked it! It fitted perfectly and very very Dita Von Teese indeed! So I bought it! My boyfriend did offer to pay for it but I declined. I've always been independent and the thought of my man buying my personal stuff makes me feel uneasy (I know what you're thinking).
My boyfriend is already contemplating of me wearing this basque with leather hot pants (which I've got), black fishnet and thigh high boots (got 2 pairs)... The question is... where on earth am I suppose to go dressed up like that? Hmmm... drop the idea!
I intended to buy a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes to match my little black dress and ended up buying 2 pairs. Again, what the heck! We only live once :)

I really love this pair... They're so comfortable to walk in

Hah! I didn't even notice that this shoes was called 'Grace'... until I started taking photo last night

Very very Victoria Beckham indeed!

Killer heels or what!

This was the one I had in mind to go with my little black dress.

Killer heels

More MAC!

My Warehouse loot! Gorgeous belt!

My boyfriend and I after whole afternoon of shopping (Gosh! I looked like death! I was so tired that I didn't even bother looking at the mirror let alone re-touching my make up!). This was taken at around 6.00 in the evening in pub for a quiet drink. Well, I suppose, after what I've put him through, it was just fair that I bought him a drink :)


iamsutil said...

geeesh gracie, i am dying with envy coz you have lots of MAC e/s na! i only have two are one shopping addict, girl. and i do understand you with regards to not asking money from your boyfriend for shopping. i am like that too...if i want something, i get it myself. i can't imagine depending on men to get what i want. but if he insists, well..who am i to say no? LOLz

Gracie said...

Oh! My collection is nothing compared to yours! You've got like an international buffet of make up ha ha ha!

True... I've always been an independent person but he did insist of getting me my eye palette. I wasn't getting it yet but he said that would've been my 'happy Sunday' prezzie :)

stylishmomy said...

*drools and faints* lol

Jheng and Gracie twin shopaholics! hehehe both of your collections combined would be good enough to open a make up store and a botique! =)
lovely dresses, shoes and make up

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Would you agree to that Jheng? Yeah, just throw your stuff in Chloe and we're ready to go ha ha ha!