Monday, 14 April 2008

Shopping Spree

I was just hanging around Victoria Centre (Nottingham), when I saw this pretty little tops. So I went in the shop and they were on half price offer. So I thought... I'd love some of those please! Well, summer should be here soon so why not... might as well treat myself. They cost me £15 for three tops, which was an excellent bargain! On my way out, I saw a pair of black stilletos and decided to have them too. They were not on sale though but what the heck! They cost me £40.00. Well, I did get a good bargain on the tops so that should just balance it out. (I'm always like this... always trying to justify my unnecessary shopping spree). I suppose I'm not called 'woman' for nothing ;)

While I was admiring my new purchases I thought of accessorizing them too so these were I came up with. I'm not really into green but this shade of green really caught my eyes. I thought, I can wear it my white Jane Norman bootcut jeans, white mules and white hand bag. That should look okay. Black semi flared jeans should work with my purple top, black shoes and bag then purple accessories. Perhaps limit it to earings and the necklace. My blue top; blue skinny jeans should do, red stilletos and bag to finish off the look. What do you think guys? If you have any suggestions... please feel free to share them with me. I'm always open to girly opinion :)
I found this pair of blue feather earings that matched perfectly with my blue top. However, I haven't got any other accessories in blue (or should it be an excuse to buy blue accessories and blue stilletos as well? Mmmm... Why not?).
Hey, Jack Sparrow! Keep your hands off my treasure box! As if!


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