Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Never say never to shopping ;)

Hmmm.... shopping! It's probably my new work out regime nowadays. I know I'm a right shoppaholic but I just can't resist it. Well, life is for living :)

Mints and facial cleanser

I love this facial cleanser, which contains amino-peptide so it's compatible with my Susan Lucci

I even found a mint that is very very... MOI!

Mints and mirror in one little pink box... How cool is that!

YAY! I love La Senza for my lingerie and I just couldn't resist these pretty nighties and pjs

It's summer soon and these little flat sandals are really fab!

Got these foot gel thingy bobs to help protect in betweeen my toes. I know they look like implant but they're not, believe me ;)

This is how it suppose to work and I've already tried them and I'd say... They do make the difference


iamsutil said...

weeeehh, i love the sandals! lately i've been liking wearing flats...

Gracie said...

I know! They're gorgeous! I'm not really into flats let alone flip flops (can't walk in them damn thing as they fly off me) but these ones looked really sweet!