Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Spring Shopping Part 2

I do love to shop till I drop and now that English Spring is here, I've got an excuse to satisfy my addiction. Sometimes I feel that even if I don't particularly need anything in the high street, I go around town anyway to have a look at new girly stuff.

So, after I've dropped my son at his school, I was off all morning shopping around for my Spring wardrobe.

My first stop was Boots where I intended to have a look what was on offer and spent more than I thought I was going to... Never mind, one of them was an absolute essential... and the cheapest one!

Second stop, Zara! I love Zara clothing because they are not into mass production and if you miss an item, you'll never see it again. I find it annoying when I go somewhere and find other girls wearing the same top as mine. Jeans are not too obvious but tops... they're right in your face!

This was my loot from Boots. I've got sensitive skin that I can't use ordinary facial tissues... It has got to have balm in it, so there's a couple boxes of my facial balm tissues, my favourite moisturizers, Olay Definity (1 bottle moisturizing foam, and 2 bottles serum), my Olay Definity gift, Dead Sea Source De-tox Seaweed Salt Scrub, Urban Decay Too Faced collection including, Duo-sided Blush Compact in Creme Brulee, Eye Shadow Dou in George & Weezie and Lip Injection Technicolor Lip Plumper in Techno Buff

This is one of my must have item as it helps keep my eyes fresh. I've been having dry eyes in years and an Ophthalmologist I worked with on one of my placements recommended this to me. I've been using this for over a year now and I just won't be able to live without this.

As you can see, I've got a stash of my moisturizers, Olay Definity! I love this stuff and I'd say the best one I've ever tried! I've spent £180 in the past on a 50ml of moisturizer (I can't name it as I might get done for slandering), but this one really topped it. They cost me £24.99 for a bottle (Serum and foaming moisturizer)... Foaming moisturizer lasts me 10 weeks but I use it at night only and serum during the day. Serum lasts me around 3 months so I guess, it's not too bad. This product definitely compliment my Susan Lucci Dermabrasion kit. Give it a try if you haven't done it yet.

My Urban Decay make-up

Love, love, love the packaging... When I buy my make up, it has got to look good as well. I'm a girl after all ;)

My Shiseido make up... Another great packaging!

I got chatting to the shop assistant and I've earned a generous gift

My Shiseido gift (Wow!)
Body Creator (An anti-cellulite body cream! Would you believe that? Cheeky!)
Accentuating Cream Eyeliner
Lolita Lempicka Eu de Parfum
Another Lolita lempicka Eu de Parfum
Roberto Cavalli Eu de Parfum
Eye and Lip make-up remover
Night Moistrure Recharge Enriched

My Shiseido loot!

Shiseido Pressed Powder in Medium Naturel

I love the packaging... (Can you see me taking the photo?)

Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in Whitelights

Shiseido Lifting Foundation SPF 15 PA++ in Natural Deep Ochre

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Eye Palette (Another beautiful packaging)

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Eye Palette in Plum Wardrobe

My Spring shopping won't be complete without visiting MAC

MAC Eye Palette
Swimming - B47
Goldmine - A76
Nylon - A96
Greensmoke - AC6

MAC Powder Blush in Frost - A97

MAC Select moisturecover - NC35 (This is my favourite concealer as it keeps my under eye areas hydrated.)

MAC Eye Palette
MAC Lipstick in Frost - CB96/A97
MAC Powder Blush
MAC Eye Kohl in Tarnish - A27

My Spring make up collection!


Vannie said...

thanks for your warm comment.i really appreciate it ^_^

gosh lotsa loot for spring!!
great buys.hehe

Gracie said...

No problems, gorgeous! Anytime :)

Yeah, I guess I've gone over the top with my spring shopping ha ha ha!