Friday, 11 April 2008

Make Up Galore

Well well well... I've always loved make up since I could remember. I guess being a daughter of a beautician who grew up surrounded by make up and other things that make women even more beautiful. When I have started using make up at the age of 16 as my mother has always been strict on not using them unless it was necessary such us being on stage for whatever reason ;)... Anyway, that didn't stop me as I remember conspiring with my classmates during my sophomore days where we would make sure that one of us brought at least one make up item. Mine would have been an eye liner as it was so much easy to smuggle at that time. My other friends would bring face powder, lip gloss or very natural hue of a lipstick. I've never looked back since until gradually, I was able to walk around home wearing make up. However, my mother have always reminded me to wash my face before going to bed and moisturise, which has been a torture to start with but I got used to it eventually.

During my college days at the Lyceum (Intramuros), my habit with make up and stuff became even worse. Hanging around with two other classmates who had the habit of looking at their pocket sized mirrors every 2 seconds didn't help. There was me... completely gone astray... I'd never leave my place without make up on.

When I thought that my make up habit would not go any worse than it was during my college days, my frst job in Manila where I worked with great looking women who wore perfect make up, beautiful shoes and all the lot, gave me an excuse to carry on with experimenting my make up. One day I found myself plucking my eyebrows... things I've never done until I was 22. This habit then carried on until to this present time. Even when I'm in the ward as a student nurse, I've always turned up with full slap on (make up). Nurses and other staff would ask me how long does it take me to get ready to do a morning shift (start at 07.00). I would shock the daylight out of them everytime I told them that I had to wake up at 03.30 to prepare. For some people, it's like middle of the night. So can you imagine what's it like for my neighbours with my hair dryer every morning? Well, I do want to say that I do care but I can't help it ;)...

So, that's me and how my make up habit has developed over the years...I'm getting more and more convince that I was born with a make up kit.

Today, I was feeling tired but needed to pick up some food from the supermarket and sad to say, it didn't stop there. I've been seeing a Lancome gift pack on the House of Fraser window everytime I take my son to school and I wasn't able to stop myself from getting my hands on those little pretty things. I keep telling myself... no more make up but it's my nature....

Well, that's me for now... until next time...



I thought I'd post the new addition to my make up collection. Here they are and please feel free to tell me what you think of them :)
My first set of photo blog venture wearing the new addition to my make up collection

My new make up purchases, Colour Fever Lipstick in Hype Hippie Brown, Definicils high definition mascara, and my gift goodies :) Colour Fan Eye Shadow Palete, Primordial Skin Recharge, Primordial Skin defence, Virtouse Mascara, Eye Cream, Primoridal Skin Recharge


leeshengee said...

pwetty loots!! :) keep it coming! :)

Gracie said...

Thank you sistah! I've got a few deliveries to come and they'll definitely be posted here. I can't wait!