Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Spring Shopping

English spring is here and I needed to update my wardrobe and so I thought of getting these pretty little things to start with. I love collecting accessories. They were not very expensive but they look nice enough to add more colours to my existing collection of bling.

Neutrals, greens and purples for latest Spring fashion

I wasn't thinking getting a new bag but this one caught my eyes.

I was thinking of ways in storing my mineral make up as I can't leave them lying on my dressing table and I remember this little drawer I used for my beads when I got into making my own accessories (I've realized it's so much easier and cheaper to actually buy them). I haven't got any of those I've made... Well, it's been about 4 years and they were not that great, sad to say :)

I've even labelled them according to each drawer's contents to save time when using them

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