Sunday, 15 June 2008

DIY Manicure and Pedicure

As mentioned on Nikki's blog... I was going to post my DIY manicure and pedicure so, here it is! It takes me nearly 5 hours to do them and it's because, I'l like to do them carefully and properly (in my own opinion of course... professionals surely will have their own perception of 'proper' manicure... I'm just making that clear before I get slated)... and to avoid cutting myself. There's nothing worse than having our fingers and toes butchered when opting for DIY manicure and pedicure.

My manicure and pedicure essentials. I'm going to edit this post to share how I do my mani and pedi as you might be wondering why it takes me nearly 5 hours to do them. However, I'd like to share this trick that I have discovered about 5 years ago. As I have very very weak nails (they're prone to chipping), I've tried the Rimmel London Two Weeks Rescue and it's been God send. So much better than the Sally Hansen products that I've used (they tend to dry my nails). If you can get hold of this product and you have the same problem as me, it really is worth trying. They're not that expensive either (£3.49)

Before you get the wrong idea, it's not an engagement ring... I've had that ring for about 6 years now ;)

Now, Nikki, sister! You know what I mean when I said I hate taking photo of my feet... They look pretty... pretty awful ha ha ha!


Shen said...

this is so unfair, i don't know how to do my nails! i'm scared i'd damage them! lol!

Askmewhats said...

wow sis!!!! 5 hours???? So worth it naman you done it perfectly well!!! at huwang mahiyang i show ang footsie!'s the least we do to our feet, give them attention :) love it!!!

Gracie said...

Shen, darling! I've been brave enough to start doing my own manicure when I was about 10, ha ha ha! It does take a lot of practice but it's never too late!

Sis Nikki! With how ugly my feet are, they really do need attention, ha ha ha! Yeah, 5 hours, that's how long my mani and pedi take me.

Vannie said...

wahhh, i love red nails :) i have red fingernails&toes now but i won't post em..too scary! ahahaha

5 hours? labor of love,surely.

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, Vannie! Red finger and toe nails are sexy! could never beat them. It was Nikki who made me post mine ha ha ha! Your fault Nikki! :P... I've gotta blame someone!

Yes, 5 hours is labour of love ha ha ha!