Monday, 9 June 2008

Guess who's back?

Hello everyone! Thank you guys for your kind messages whilst I've been busy with my new job. Although I have not been able to update my site, I've never failed to visit your pages to find out what you guys have been up to :)

Anyway, as what I've been saying since last week, I've been so busy with work and my body needed reconditioning to cope with having to work again ha ha ha! Gosh! As much as I was excited to start my new job, I was nervous as well. Being my first post as a Registered Nurse, I was worried of the expectations my colleagues may have on me but they all have been supportive and I feel blessed to work with such a great team. I know that it won't always be like this, having to work in the biggest ward in the hospital but I like challenges ;)

So... dearies! A few of you have expressed how much you've missed my posts (have you really?). Oh! I missed posting stuff too! However, as you all know, I've been spending my fortune in the past 3 months and you might find my posts in the coming months a little disappointing. Now, that I've started working, I am aiming to save some dosh for my holiday in December and a deposit for the house my boyfriend and I are planning to buy by next year. Oh! We're also planning a 2 to 3 days holiday in Scotland next month and it'll cost us a little fortune ;) whilst my son spends his birthday in Spain.

Moving on to a different story... Last Sunday, my boyfriend decided that we went to watch a film as I was so tired from my long days shifts, I didn't feel like cooking (again!), so we've decided to grab some lunch in a Chinese restaurant and buffet was a great option as it was quick. After lunch, we went to shop around whilst waiting for the film showing (didn't start until 17.10) and I ended up in Boots. My boyfriend has decided to wait outside for me but he became impatient that he followed me inside (I didn't realize that I have been in for 45 minutes) and bluntly expressed how annoyed he was with me. All I could do was apologize and promised that it won't happen again. My boyfriend is not the kind of person to easily forget the mistakes I made (and about to make)... I suppose that's one thing I'll have to deal with. I guess, I've to avoid shopping around for make up when he's with me. I hate annoying people specially when it comes to my personal shopping... I've decided that from now on, I'll do it on my own time and my in my own space. That way, I won't have to feel guilty about having to take my time and actually enjoy shopping.

Anyway, after shopping we went to see the film 'Mongol'. It was a great film and we've really enjoyed it. I love periodic films and has always been fascinated with different cultures. I've onced watched a documentary about Genghis Khan on history channel that when I found out that it has been turned into a major motion picture, I thought, I've gotta watch it... and I did!

After watching the film, as we were not particularly hungry although we had to eat something, we've decided to pop in YO! Sushi! for a light meal and headed back home.

It was a hot Sunday so I've decided to wear something really light so I opted for this little top. I've never thought of buying anything from Primark but when I saw this top, I thought it was cute so I grabbed it. I teamed it with my Ted Baker belt to give an omph to the outfit (that was what I was trying to do anyway ha ha ha!). However, I don't think my boyfriend was keen about the way I dressed up last Sunday but then again, I felt comfortable in them and who cares. I might have been wearing a £5 (around $9 USD) top from Primark that day but I also wore my Gucci shoes... So... Bleh!

The shopping trip that annoyed my boyfriend :P
Chanel, No.7, Urban Retreat, Bourjois and of course the SATC notebook for Shen. By the way it was my boyfriend's treat... No, not my make up, just the snacks whilst watching the movie they came with the SATC notebook.

I've never tried No.7 before and since they were offering gift pack and the stuff I wanted were half price, I thought, why not?

No.7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator

No.7 Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser (Medium) SPF15, hypo-allergenic as well ;)

My generous gift woohoooo...!
Younger Longer Time Resisting Hand Cream
Lash 360 Mascara, Black
Moisture Drench Lipstick, Cameo
Colour Miracle, Various
Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser, Medium
Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum
Protect & Perfect Day Cream

Lipstick with matching nail varnish FOR FREE!

Team Tinted Moisturiser ha ha ha!

Urban Retreat Blush on Blusher in Perfect Peach (I've already got the Perfect Pink)


Chanel Professional Eyeliner (Noire Et Marine 184.010)

My free sample eye make up remover

My new Bourjois eyeshadow dou... yeeeey!

Cute packaging!

Grrr...! Blur photo!

Another one!

Rimmel London Vinyl Mirror Shine Lipgloss
From the right: Born to Bling, Liquid Asset and Sunset
Boots is currently doing 3 for 2 on all Rimmel make up

I love Elle McPherson lingerie!

I bought these last week! My Marie Claire mag came with Moda En Pelle cotton canvass flip flops, YAY! ...and of course...! SATC soundtrack CD


Askmewhats said...

welcome back gracie dear!!!
You looked fab with the outfit you wore!!! Love it on you. Btw, did you colored your hair? It looks lighter..not sure If I'm right.

Wow..Chanel gives really generous freebies...we never have generous freebies here, well we do have freebies but like I said in one post before, you have to ASK for it! darn right? so enjoy the shopping there!!!

I am sorry he got annoyed about you being late..i'm sure he doesn't mean to be super annoyed..but I guess he's anxious to see you too!!!

Go nurse!!! Be happy and relax yourself! I'm sure you had a long week!

Gracie said...

Thank you sis Nikki! I'm glad to be back too :). Yeah, I've had my hair highlighted again... I told you, I could never leave it alone.

With the price Chanel and other designer make up charge, I think they should know how to look after their costumers ;).

Well, I think men are like that however, sometimes, he's fine with my make up shopping to be fair. Perhaps it was the fact that I made him wait for a long time when I could've told him how long it was gonna take me to shop and he could've wondered around. Never mind, I'd know for next time :).

Yeah, I had a long week and having another one :)... Take care sis!

Shen said...

welcome back gracie! that top looks amazing on you! :) i love it! :)

In my opinion, all guys are like that. :) lol! can't live w/ them, can't live w/o them. that's why R gave me complimentary card, so i don't have to drag him everytime i need to buy some stuff. lol! i also usually find a chair for him to sit on everytime i go shopping. hehehe!

how's the job fairing? looks like you're enjoying if you haven't posted for awhile. :)

Gracie said...

Hiya, Shen! Thank you! Yeah, I like that top too :)

True! Have you ever wondered that is?... MEN... as in MENtal ha ha ha! That's the first thing he looks for when he shops with me... Chair! Just like my son.

Gracie said...

By the way... job is great... was gonna post something about it but will soon. I'm just busy with my induction at the moment.

Lizzz said...

welcome back, lovely! :-)

as for your hunny, well, there will be good days and bad days. ;-) it's perfectly normal.

i love you top!

awesome haul once again. :-)

Nic Nic said...

WB :) aww nice haul! that such a cute blue top you're wearing ^_^

Sorry to hear your man getting annoyed with the boot shopping! My bf doesn't mind clothes shopping he actually enjoys looking around clothes with me but when it comes to cosmetics he hates it cos i take too long LOL! but yeah I'm sure it'll be water under the bridge.. and plus since you've decided to shop cosmetic in your own time, he'll appreciate it :)

Gracie said...

Thank you Liz! Yeah, you're right. Sometimes he's okay about it but that Sunday, he was a bit off... The top is my new favourite, which is ironic as that's probably the cheapest top I've ever bought ha ha ha! It's quite a versatile piece as you can also wear it as a mini dress... match it with flat little sandals... Move over Sienna Miller ha ha ha!

Thanks Nic! I grabbed the top from Primark, so pop in before they're all snatched ha ha ha! I'm not a Primark person but this top was an exemption ha ha ha! Yeah, again, you're right about men and their ladies' cosmetic shopping. You know what Boots shops are like. When you step in, you've got to look around as there are always great stuff around :). He'll get over it one day

Tracy said...

welcome back! i've missed your posts. you always have cool stuff to share. glad to know your new job is treating you well. =) i prefer shopping by myself, too. i hate it when people are waiting around for me when i'm shopping w/ others. i don't like being rushed! :P

Gracie said...

Thank you, Tracy! I love your latest profile photo by the way :)

Yeah, I hate being rushed when shopping. I prefer to take my time by looking around and comparing products. Well, it was a lesson to learn ;)

Have fun Tracy and it was great to see you here again.

Anonymous said...

i love the top too! and fabulous hauling again!!! :D

Gracie said...

Thank you sis Mhean! Yeah, I love that top too! Looks fabulous for a fiver ha ha ha!