Sunday, 1 June 2008

More shopping... Why not!

I've been telling myself no more shopping. Well, I didn't intend to shop today but there are stuff out there that are just irresistable. I was gonna get some more Shu Uemura make up yesterday only to find out that I left my purse at home so I had to ask the shop assistant to put them on the side for me for quick pick up the next day (which was today). My boyfriend did offer to pay for them but I refused...

I'm so sad, my boyfriend bought me a popcorn and a drink plus a bag of sweets for himself so I can get this SATC notebook. That was right after our lunch as well ha ha ha!

I'm loving Vivienne Westwood!

Any clues what's inside this lovely box?

Ta...dah! My very own Vivienne Westwood choker! I saw Lucy-Jo (Katie off Coronation Street) wearing this on her engagement party.

I didn't even bother retouching my make up... was soooo excited to try this on and my boyfriend offered to take my photo. Yay!

Absolutely stunning! It was £335 (Phew! That's more than what I paid for my Gucci Shoes!)but my boyfriend has been cheeky and joked about getting a discount since I've already bought a few stuff from them. The shop assistant gave me 5% discount. I would've not thought of asking for discount ha ha ha! So next time, I'll know what to do. Tag my boyfriend along! :P

... and of course... My Shu Uemura make up and got sample sizes gifts too!


2 little bottles of Phyto-Black Lift Raidance Boosting Lotion

2 little tubes of Phyto-Black Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Cream

5 Sachets of High performance Balancing Cleansing Oil (Skin Purifier)

3 Sachets of Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/1 (Skin Purifier)

My new Shu Uemura make up

From right: Pressed Eye Shadow in Me Silver (900)

Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in PK305

Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Red 134

Pressed Eye Shadow in Me Black (990)


Askmewhats said...

sis!!!! that necklace is like>>>WHOHHHHOOO!!! Though I don't think I would look good in pearls! But wow, I would be scared to use that as it costs too much!!!! and that's so sweet of your guy to be so excited to take a pix of you with your new purchase! :) love it!

Gracie said...

Thank you sis! I must've been mad to get it, I admit. However, it really is a gorgeous piece :)

Yabusame said...

Wow, what a lovely boyfriend you have. Just shows that it pays to be cheeky sometimes too ;-)

P.S. Have you guessed who I am yet?

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Trust you honey!

Yabusame said...

Hi Gracie,

Just wanted to say hello honey, I'll leave you ladies to pamper and play.

Have fun girls,

Gracie said...

Thanks for stopping by honey! I'll see this evening :) xxx

Nic Nic said...

waah nothing like a bit of BLING, it looks grand on you !

Ahhh some more shu haul! this is good eye candy.. lemming for some myself XD

Lily said...

omg, hello discount! i need to start bringing my boyfriend around with me too! lol

Makeupfairytale said...

omg that necklace is amaaaaaazing =P so pretty! but omg so expensive....

Gracie said...

Thank you Nic! Yeah, everytime I nip in Shu counter, I'm like a little kid buying sweets, ha ha ha!

Hiya, Lily! Thanks for stopping by my page. Just visited your page and you've got great stuff there too :)...

Absolutely, Lily! If it worked for me, surely, it'll work for anyone else ha ha ha!

Kimmei! I know what you mean about it being expensive but hey! It's an investment, ha ha ha!

Shen said...

OMG! i love it!! nikki, everyone looks good on pearls! right gracie? notebook? how come we don't have that here.. :( i would have bought anything just to get me one. although i did get a discount coupon to a boutique though. but i want a notebook too (hmp!). :) love love the shu lip colors!! anything looks good on... and yes, your shoes cost more than manolos!!!

Lizzz said...


your posts almost always make me drool. :-)

you look royal, sis!

Gracie said...

Shen, sister, it's true! I don't believe anyone wouldn't look great with pearls on (take note Nikki!). Awww.... sorry if you feel disappointed about not getting the notebook! I wish there are other good films on at the moment whilst the notebooks are on stock... I don't mind getting you one :). Yeah, I love Shu lip colours and I'm even planning of getting the yellow and green lipglosses... and yeah, I'd love a pair of Manolo's as well and Christian Louboutin is on my current wish list too :)... When do I get my mits on them? I don't know... :(

Lizzzz!!! Coming from you, I'll take it as a compliment! :) Cheers!

Shen said...

get me one? (did i just die and went to SATC heaven?) lol! thanks! but no need if its too much work for you. lol!

i could only dream of Louboutin and Manolos! :) sigh! thank God, you're there so i could at least get to hol one if ever you bring a pair here of your fab collections! :)

pearls are love! but with VW in it spells Heaven!

Gracie said...

Awwww...! Shen, sister! When you finish your studies and starts earning you'll be able to do that too, believe me! VW stuff are amazing! If you ever come to the UK, I'll take you to their flagship in London. The first time I went there with my boyfriend, I was amazed that my jaw literally dropped ha ha ha! Come and join me Shen!