Friday, 30 May 2008

Review: Gosh Brushes

As requested by n123, I am here reviewing the GOSH brushes I bought few weeks ago. I must apologise that this is my first ever review so I may not be able to cover all the queries you may have. Gosh! This is like writing an appraisal when I was on my nursing course ha ha ha! Anyway, I'll try to be brief and comprehenive so I'll write this review in step by step basis.

As what I've said on my earlier blog, I've decided to buy these brushes because of the great reviews I've read on few magazines as being identical to MAC's. So before trying them on my make up and face... my question was... are they? Obviously, I had to wash them first using my usual Johnson's baby shampoo and conditioner (Please read the bottom of this post if you want to know how I do it). As I was washing them, I was amazed that the bristles remained intact. I was expecting for at least a few bristles to come off but they didn't and when they were dry, they were just as soft and fluffy as they were when before washing them... and they were shiny too!

When I've eventually started using them, all I could say was... 'WOW!'. They really are brilliant! They feel soft and gentle on my face. I didn't itch, which I always try to avoid when using make up brushes because of my sensitive skin.

The price? About half of what you would pay for MAC brushes but just as good! Unfortunately, they don't have as much choices as MAC have but they do have enough to cover a set of necessities.

I'm afraid, I can't tell you the kind of hair that they've used on these brushes but a few of them are made of nylon. However, as what I've said, they didn't cause any itchiness on my face infact one of them was labelled 'hypoallergenic'.

So, girls (or guys if you're planning to surprise your ladies) if you want good quality brushes but on a tight budget to afford the expensive counter part, MAC... this might be the one for you!

Washing my brushes:

I wash my brushes the way I wash my own hair... Shampoo, rinse thoroughly and soak in conditioner for at least 30 minutes then rinse again thoroughly. I then give another quick soak for about 15 minutes on clean water just to make sure that there are no residues left then, squeeze the excess water out... using clean tea towel, I then gently squeeze them one by one, reshape and leave them on a glass or cup to dry. That simple!

The other inexpensive brushes that I have tried and been satisfied with their performances are Body Shop, Max Factor, ELF and Everyday Mineral.
I hope I've covered the basic information about GOSH brushes otherwise, feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try my hardest to answer them.
Thank you for your time reading this post. Until next time!
Gracie xxx


Nic Nic said...

Did you see a Gosh stippling brush?? I was really tempted to get it but i resisted haha. Thanks for the view!

Makeupfairytale said...

awww i didnt get mine yet! =P btw thanks for the great gosh review, i really must check them out!

p.s. hope you don't mind if i add you on my blogroll. :)

Gracie said...

Yeah! Yees, Nic! It looks really nice and like you... I've been tempted to get it too... in fact, I'd like to get the whole set!

Sure, Kimmie! My pleasure! Yeah, I think you should check GOSH brushes out ;)