Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A new career... What does that mean?

After a long three long years of hard work, I've finally finished my nursing course, hurrah! I am now a Registered Nurse. This achievement is something I could only be proud of. I have had the most difficult yet exciting life while pursuing my nursing course. Hah! My life has been such a drama in the past three years... Was it all worth it? Of course it was!

When I came to the UK to start a new life with my own family (my now estrange husband and my son), I never thought that it was going to be complicated as it turned out. I strived and succeeded and yes, I have the right to enjoy everything that I have worked hard for. I have always been passionate about nursing and during my placement experiences throughout the three years within the course, I finally realized that this is what I want and this is what I intend to do for my entire working life. I have had many great experiences that at the end of every shifts, I had smile on my face because I knew that I made difference on some people's lives. I've met interesting people, worked and learned with great people within the medical practice and made great friends. Those experiences are something that I'd proudly tell my future grand and great grand children or even my grea great grand children. (Hah! My boyfriend reckons we'll live to celebrate our 150th birthday... perhaps after a few hip replacements, I might manage ha ha ha!).

Being a student nurse in the UK is such a hardwork... I had to take an access course to nursing to qualify a place in the University (part time studies for two years while I worked full time in a hotel). The University of Nottingham has got a great reputation so the screening is quite tough but with hardwork and determination, I got through this hurdle. My life during the past three years has been such a roller coaster ride... the divorce... finding a new place to live... building a new home for myself and my son from scratch... I literally had to start from zero as I've decided not to take anything from the marital home. I knew I was entitled to half of everything we had as a married couple, however, I just wanted to be out and tried to avoid any complications that could lengthen the proceedings (I came out of the house with my personal belongings only and my son). My solicitor was very very surprise when I told her that I didn't want anything but at the end of the day she had to respect my wishes. To cut the story short, my divorce was finalised April last year and I could never be happier.

I found my new love 6 months after I've left my ex-husband (I know you think it was too early, I felt it was but I had to move on at some points) and we've been together for nearly 2 years now... things have been amazing since then and I've never looked back since (I just hope that this one would last :))...

Last March, I've finally finished my course and got offered a job in the ward I really love (great staff!) and will soon start working. I'm sooooo excited about my first post as a Registered Nurse but I'm nervous as well... I suppose everyone feels the same way about starting a new job. I guess, you just have to wish me luck guys :)

So what does this new career mean to me? It mean so much to me and I intend to enjoy and treasure everything that comes along.

This is actually in the NHS website (Productive Ward). I was on long day shift when they filmed and took photographs for the project. When I showed this to my son he said... 'Wooo...! How embarassing is that!'... Trust kids!
As you can see... my life is not all glitz and glamour but that what make it interesting!
TTFN!... before you start crying... Ha ha ha!


Nic Nic said...

congrats on being a registered nurse, all the hard work has paid off!!

sorry to hear so much drama happening, but it looks as though it has made you a stronger person through it :)

NHS needs nurses like you! you should go out and celebrate ;)

Gracie said...

Thanks Nic! You're such a sweetie!

My friends and I are planning a time out in London soon but trying to arrange same days off for 4 of us is a bit tricky.

Askmewhats said...

Congrats Nurse!!!! *Hugs* so proud of you!!!!!

Gracie said...

Thank you sis, Nikki! I'm still finding it hard to believe that I am now a Registered Nurse. It hasn't sank in yet :)

Askmewhats said...

Well congratulations dear!!!!! I am honestly proud of you, it's not easy to be a registered nurse..really :)

Tracy said...

congratulations on such a big accomplishment!

Gracie said...

Thank you sis, Nikki! You're right, it's never easy to be a registered nurse but it's worth all it.

Thank you, Tracy, sister! :)

iamsutil said...

guess what, i've always wanted to be in the medical field. i once planned of shifting from Computer Science (eppp, geek!) to nursing but at that time there were so many nurses already and not much demands like what we have now. i still dream of becoming a nurse in the future. once i migrate (yep, i have plans to migrate in AU), ill work in IT for a while (and maybe in the makeup industry? heheh) and then take up nursing. i just hope it will not be too late for me. hehehe

congratulations, my dear. i salute you for being strong. u remind me of my mom who raised me alone...idol kita! muaaaaah

Gracie said...

Awww...! That's very sweet, sis Jheng! My 3 siblings and I were raised by mom single handedly so I probably got the strength from her. Nursing is great... It's the job satisfaction that I love the most. For me, it's not all about earning for a living but enjoying the thing I do too. If that's what you want in the future, go for it! It's never too late to start a nursing career. Some students in my course were in their 50s and it didn't matter. You're still a spring chicken and I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine :)... I'll give you all the support you may need. It's funny, I'm planning to migrate to the AU as well but may not be in the next 10 years as I'm still wanting to build on my nursing career here in the UK. I can remember when I was on my learning disability and mental health placement, I used to do my patients' make up and manicure, ha ha ha! I just can imagine you doing that. Good luck with everything you wish to do :)

Shen said...

doing my catching up! boy did i miss a lot! COngratulations!! :) True that after the storm, a bright new sunny day will come.. and your have! i'm sooo happy for you. I may not know you well but i definitely know how you feel (leaving and all). we were left by my dad when i was a kid and my mom never asked for money either from him. She worked hard to keep me in good school and all i can say is that i am very proud of her and would never be able to repay all her sacrifices. i know your son feels the same. :) i owe my mom all that i am right now even if my parents again. I can only hope that she will fulfill her own dreams like you now that i can take care of myself. :)

Gracie said...

Thank you Shen. I've missed you too! Gosh! Just been browsing through your new post and you really had a fabulous time in Boracay.

Yeah, going through many transitions in lives is never easy yet rewarding when you're able to go over all the hurdles... that's how I felt. Getting divorce was one of the best decisions I've ever made. As much as I admire long lasting marriages, I also believe in staying in a relationship because we chose to and not just because we have to... or because a piece of paper says so.

Our mother made many sacrifices to raise 4 kids on her own and that's the main thing I had in mind when I was going through the process of starting a new life of my own and my son. Never easy but the piece and mind and happiness I have now is worth all the struggles and hard work I've gone through :)