Thursday, 15 May 2008

Yves Saint Laurent haul

Okay... I really have to stop my make up shopping as my train case is getting heavier and heavier... It'll give me bad back soon everytime I do my make up. Can you imagine me doing all these stuff when I'm like 90? Hah! I'm probably gonna be one of those glamorous grandmas in the future ha ha ha! I'd probably say to my grandchildren... 'C'mon petal... bring grandma's make up train case over, I'll give you a bag of sweets' ha ha ha!

Anyway... I suppose, I've got an excuse this time as I'm going to a Christening on Sunday and I'd like to wear my fuchsia dress so I'd like a set of make up to wear as well. I checked all of the beauty counters in House of Fraser and these were what I found. Feel free to have a look! :)

The packaging of this lipstick is really gorgeous! It's 3-in-1 and you'll see what I mean when you scroll down

Comes with a lip brush and that's the mirror bit... then you turn the end bit...

That's the fuchsia cream lipstick... turn it around one more time...

That's the orange one... Cool, eh!

Just look yummy!

Lip liner in No. 1

Touche Eclat (Apparently the world's best concealer... used this before and I love it!)

Eye Shadow Dou in Fresh Peach/Moonlit Burgundy
(Taken with flash)

(Taken without flash)

Blush Variation in Ash Pink
(Taken with flash)

(Taken without flash)

That's the whole lot... The shop assistant also threw in samples of Elle Perfume for women and L'Home perfume for men and Expert Advanced Eye and Lip Intensive Anti-wrinkle cream (not on photo)


Askmewhats said...

wow, YSL packaging really is sooo lovely! I wouldn't even want to use it but just want it displayed! hahaha I never owned any YSL cosmetics except does it compare to other cosmetics like MAC? great day to you

Gracie said...

Thank you Nikki, sister!

I've been using YSL make up for... gosh! Many years! I love their make up because they've got great texture, which blending makes easy. I'd say, they're user friendly. Compared to other make up like MAC? The price! Ha ha ha!

Try it for yourself sis and tell me what you think :)