Thursday, 8 May 2008

Just a quick shopping trip

Just another day for me after dropping my little one at school so I ended up shopping and came put with these goodies. I've got to be careful with my shopping habit now as my savings is running low. I suppose, when I eventually get a job, I won't have much time to shop so in a way, I'm just compensating from the shopping days I'm about to lose... so... there you go!

I thought, I'd try these Clinique mineral compact make up. They're SPF 15 as well so they'll be great for summer. The shop assistant also gave me a sample lipgloss, which are fab!

Never used QVS stuff but since they were cheap enough, I thought, I might as well give them a try

Blusher brush

Foundation brush (turned out to be quite nice)

Retractable blush blusher, which is great for my on the go make up bag

More GOSH brushes (They're absolutely fabulous!) and I thought, I'd try the blusher as well and a couple of eyeliners (They really are nice)

More L'Occitane pampering potions with samples

I just love the way they box them

L'Occitane luxurious bath foam

L'Occitane hand bar soap with matching soap dish

My L'Occitane generous gifts


Askmewhats said...

wow sis..another haul!!!! you're lucky to have your hands on CVS brushes, I don't think we have access here, how do you find the brushes?

Gracie said...

Hello sis! Lovely to see you here again! They really are great brushes and for the price, I wish I had them ages ago. I suppose, it's never too late to start :)

stylishmomy said...

more brushes?? share share some lol
you and jheng are shopping divas!
lots of nice reviews for those brushes *drools*

Gracie said...

They really are great buy and I'm glad I've been brave enough to have a go at them :)...

Jheng is the ultimate shopping addict! She doesn't even have to leave her seat to do that ha ha ha!