Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Bubblegum: a Li(z)terati inspired EMU

When I saw the bubblegum EMU on Liz's website I really liked it and wanted to have a go at it. This was I came up with but be warned... What it was... it definitely wasn't bubblegum... Sorry Liz! I guess I need help... big time!

Very very wrong one indeed!


Lizzz said...

aawwwe.. Gracie, I am flattered. :-)

your makeup looks good to me! i guess the colors were just a tad washed out in the photos.

i love your brows, by the way. so delicate. mine is a mess right now. :-p

Gracie said...

Oh! Liz! Thank you! I'm glad you didn't hate for not doing justice to your creation.

My brows! They barely exist ha ha ha! I've been plucking them like there's no tomorrow and been drawing them for about 12 years now. My sister have once suggested that I should have them tatooed but my friends' turned green, which put me off. Besided, I enjoy doing it and I can have them in any shape I want :)