Thursday, 8 May 2008

Another happy day for moi!

I didn't expect to hear from Flannels until Wednesday next week but this afternoon, I got a phone call about a pair of Gucci shoes that I have ordered. I could barely wait to get hold of them but I had to pick my son up from school first. When I saw those pair of shoes, I also had a Vivienne Westwood bag in my mind to match them but the shop assistant has been mean and showed me a purse to go with.

My unplanned haul for today

My most awaited Gucci shoes... here at last!

Absolutely stunning!

Gorgeous or just gorgeous!

Look at that!

Certified killer heels indeed! Okay, they cost me £310 ($606 USD or 25,787 PHP... Oh! I didn't realize it was that much... never mind...)

My other surprises!

Ta...dah! Evening bag with matching purse!

Absolutely perfect to match my Guccii shoes! Evening bag was £125 ($244 or 10,401 PHP) and the purse was £70 ($136 USD or 5,824 PHP)

They would make a great outfit, won't they?

Of course... MAC lippy and lipliner

MAC lippy in port red and MAC cherry lipliner (I'd like to have a go at naughty nautical make up one day)


Anonymous said...

very fab haul indeed! i wish i can haul bags too! i can only afford makeup right now lol. love the shoes!!!

Gracie said...

Thank you Mhean! Of course you can afford them if you give your make up addiction a little break ;)

iamsutil said...

wow...i wonder when i can get shoes and bags like that! whew!

Gracie said...

Jheng! My pretty sister... if I can get them... anybody can! Post them on your wish list and Santa might come across it ;)... That's what I did :)

Askmewhats said...

gracie!!! the shoes!!OMG !!!! it's lovely but it's OMGoodness dropdead gorgeous and EXPENSIVE! hahhaha sis...what size are you? if i go to UK, i'll borrow! whether you like it or not! :)

Gracie said...

Thank you sis Nikki! Sure, I'm size 4 UK, which I think is size 7 PI. Sure, you can borrow my stuff whenever you get here ha ha ha!

Shen said...

i can borrow it! lol! :) i'm loving your hauls and your taste is oh so flawless.. i wish to live the shopping life you have right now. but of course, priorities first. :) if i deserve, i'm sure Santa might get me some of that. :)

there is nothing like a designer handbag bag or shoes to take away mean eyes from my flabs and bad hair day. :) lol!

Anonymous said...

ahm... is makeup addiction and break should be used in the same sentence... ever??? haha. :D i don't think i can learn to do that lol!

Nic Nic said...

Awesome haul, the shoes are absolutely gorgeous.. i have only one pair of designer shoes and they are Prada.. and they were a gift!! I could never spend that much on shoes on myself :P

Gracie said...

Shen! Absolutely! They're like my pride and joy at the moment ha ha ha! Of course... aside from my son... My son is the best of everything... shopping comes second ha ha ha!

Yeah... designer bags and shoes do cheer me up ha ha ha!

Mean, I know what you mean... After I felt guilty about spending rediculous amount of money in the past 2 weeks, I'm promised myself not to shop for a while but so far... no luck ha ha ha! There are always lots of beautiful stuff out there :)

Nic... I love Prada too! There was a pair in the shop that I really love to get hold of, hopefully before end of this year ;)...

I know what you mean about not justifying spending that amount of money on shoes sometimes but hey! We've earned them! xxx

Gracie said...

*I've, I meant to say... xxx